Coprimaterasso in policotone: a cosa serve, vantaggi e prezzo

Sleeping well is an essential prerequisite for continued well-being. Quality sleep, however, is not so obvious. There are many factors that influence rest and it is interesting to evaluate them all to understand, if necessary, where to improve and what to change.

From the posture we assume while sleeping, to the padding of the pillow, through all the elements that make up the bed system: everything affects the quality of our sleep.

The factor that first affects daily relaxation is the bed system, understood in its entirety. In fact, it is not just a mattress or a bed base, but rather all the products, which must be good and meet the needs of those who will use them. Only in this way will relaxation be ensured.

Being able to sleep on a comfortable surface is a priority for your health, which is why it is important that the bed system is selected carefully, taking the necessary time and making the right assessments. Of course the mattress is the main protagonist, but it is essential not to lower our guard even in the face of what might seem like just "simple accessories".

How to choose the mattress?

The first step to take to regain night-time comfort is to purchase the perfect mattress, the one that best meets the needs of the person who will lie on it every day. The advice is to evaluate each feature, with all the pros and cons, of each type and each model, so as to start making a first selection, narrowing down the field of products.

When you want - or have to - change your mattress, it becomes clear how many different models and types of mattresses exist on the market and the consequent difficulty in finding the one most in line with your needs is not that far away.

Once the mattress has been found, part of the longest work has been done and the next step includes the first-person test, that is, physically testing the mattresses and their comfort. Taking advice from friends, colleagues and relatives is fine, but don't forget that everyone has their own preferences in terms of comfort.

Therefore, the time spent visiting the various shops (or directly the various companies that deal with the product) or the many e-commerce sites is never wasted or poorly used time.

Mattress cover: the smart choice for a long-lasting mattress

Once you have found the best mattress and base best suited to your selected mattress, the goal is to make it last many years. It is not time that makes the difference, but the quality that the mattress maintains as the months and years pass. In fact, it often happens that mattresses, even the best ones, after some time begin to lose their initial characteristics, the ones that generally led to their purchase.

At that point you could use a topper to improve the comfort of the mattress and make it usable for some more time, or you could think about preventing some defects. A useful and economical method is the mattress protector.

The ideal would be to purchase the mattress cover at the same time as you buy the mattress, so as to immediately start using it to protect the mattress from unpleasant accidents. The mattress cover protects the mattress from external agents, helping it to live longer and better!

Very simple to use, the mattress cover looks like a sheet with elastic corners and is used just as a covering and protection for the mattress.

Mattress cover: what are its functions? What are its benefits?

Yes, the mattress protector helps keep the mattress healthy, preserving its primary characteristics, but specifically what are the main functions of the mattress protector? Why buy a mattress protector?


  • Hygiene and cleanliness. Thanks to the presence of the mattress cover, mites, dust, hair and lint will be kept away from the surface of the mattress, ensuring greater hygiene and considerable ease of cleaning. Recommended for everyone and even more recommended for those who suffer from allergies, the mattress protector prevents them without too much effort.
  • Breathability. By purchasing mattress covers in natural fabrics you will be able to enjoy a further benefit, namely that of the dispersion of body humidity. Sleeping on a breathable surface is always positive and allows you to obtain a pleasant sensation of freshness.
  • Practicality. As you can easily imagine, the mattress cover can be easily washed at home in the washing machine, to always maintain a correct standard of hygiene, without taking up too much time and energy.

Polycotton mattress cover: features and advantages

Proposing a valid example of a mattress cover is Baldiflex, which presents the polycotton mattress cover. Polycotton is an ecological fibre, created from recycled plastic; the most interesting plus of polycotton is that it contains both the technical characteristics of natural and fine cotton and the resistance of synthetic fibre.

No less important is the price factor, highly accessible and designed for every spending possibility.

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