At the basis of Baldiflex's philosophy is the value of Made in Italy craftsmanship which has allowed us to produce high quality mattresses at affordable prices for everyone. Baldiflex is committed to offering products that are in line with the values of an eco-responsible approach from a circular economy perspective.

A second life for mattresses

In the European Union alone, more than 30 million mattresses are thrown away every year. If they were to be stacked all together, the stock would be 678 times higher than Mount Everest. As mattress manufacturers, Baldiflex felt they had to make a contribution to the planet by thinking of innovative solutions to incorporate circular economy processes into the production chain. A revolution that also arises from the demands of consumers, who are increasingly attentive to the issue of sustainability.

Not a simple goal, especially because Baldiflex wants to achieve it while improving product quality standards at the same time.

The recycling process

It is estimated that 90% of the materials used to produce a mattress can be recovered. For Baldiflex, the most sustainable resources are those already produced: for this reason it has adopted the concept of circular economy, creating a line of mattresses thanks to the so-called secondary raw materials.

Let's cut every waste: Cuccioletti's idea

When we talk about sustainability, we also refer to the reduction of production waste: this is an objective on which Baldiflex has been working for some time and which led to the birth of Cuccioletti by Baldiflex. The basic idea is to reuse the scraps necessary for the production of mattresses to create quality kennels for our four-legged friends. This allows not only to reduce the number of waste and waste generated in the creation of a mattress, but also to create high quality products, completely made in Italy, to guarantee even puppies the best possible rest.

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