Lately we've been hearing a lot about various bonuses and deductions for many products and services. These are concessions that concern various fields and various sectors: the world of mattresses is also the protagonist and many are wondering how the deductions for mattresses work.

Deducting the mattress is possible, but not in all cases, as some specific situations are necessary and not all mattress models fall under the item relating to healthcare expenses. In order to be deducted, the mattress must represent a medical device and for this reason certain characteristics and wording must be present. But let's go in order.

Deduct mattress: how the deduction for mattresses works

For some time now, many mattresses can be deducted as a health expense, however, in order to do so it is mandatory to comply with various fees: the mattress, in order to be included in the deductions, must be accompanied by a Medical Device certificate from the Ministry of Health. Only in this case will it be possible to present the invoice relating to the purchase and be able to deduct 19% of the total cost incurred for the mattress.

Requesting the invoice from the seller is inevitable to prove the purchase, but it is equally important to provide the correct tax code to include on the invoice: the tax code must belong to the invoice holder and, consequently, to the declarant and the person requesting the deduction.

Mattress deduction: what the invoice must include

When dealing with the presentation of documents it is always useful to fill out (or have filled out) everything perfectly, to avoid that even the smallest error can slow down or even hinder the various applications.

As regards the request for the deduction for the purchase of the mattress, it is necessary to prove the purchase through the invoice and specific data must be written on the invoice: the selling company must enter the buyer's data with the relevant tax code and must not forget anything when entering the description of the item purchased by the customer. The mattress, in fact, must be marked with the CE marking and must also include the device number, to indicate its compliance with the provisions of European regulations.

Deduct the mattress: do you need a medical certificate?

To deduct the cost incurred for the mattress as a medical expense, it is advisable to go to your GP and ask for a certificate stating the need for the person to use a new mattress.

The medical certificate is not mandatory to obtain deductions, but it is an additional document that in some cases can be useful to attach to the request for the 19% deduction.

Medical device deductions: not just mattresses

Before requesting any type of deduction it is important to inform yourself well and check everything carefully. An example? We always hear about mattress deductions and many don't know that bed bases (certain types obviously) are also included in healthcare expenses and can therefore be included in the tax return.

This is possible because the bed system entirely affects the health and well-being of the person who uses it and being able to count on a quality ally is a priority for many reasons.

Deduct the mattress and bed base: the Baldiflex proposals

By visiting the Baldiflex website from the comfort of your own home, you discover that the company's proposals that lend themselves to the 19% deduction are numerous and leave you spoiled for choice. From ergonomic bases (fixed, manual or electric) to mattresses, everyone can find the product that best meets their health and price needs.

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There are 2 Baldiflex mattresses available for the deduction as a medical device: Mojito Big memory mattress 30 cm high and Hybrid Bros memory mattress and 1600 pocket springs.

  1. Mojito Big memory mattress 30 cm high.
    It is an innovative mattress, designed to give the body maximum support. Thanks to the 5 cm high layer of memory and Superflex HD foam placed on the upper part of the mattress, this product combines support and freshness, allowing the subject to rest surrounded by complete comfort and a pleasant sensation of freshness, perfect both in the hot months, as in the coldest periods of the year. The Mojito Big memory mattress is a Top medical device and is certified class 1 of directive 2007/47/EC.
  2. Memory mattress and 1600 Hybrid Bros pocket springs.
    This mattress combines the softness of memory and the support of pocket springs, in order to guarantee quality sleep, which is comfortable and supported, managing also to adapt as much as possible to the shape of the body. Last but not least, the Hybrid Bros memory and 1600 pocket spring mattress is made with selected, hypoallergenic and anti-mite raw materials, Oeko-Tex certified. Also in this case, 19% of its cost can be deducted: the mattress, in fact, is an HD medical device and is certified class 1 of directive 2007/47/EC.