Lenzuola in cotone percalle: caratteristiche e materiale

Once we have purchased the perfect bed system, the one that best meets our health and well-being needs, the time comes to think about bed linen, which is not always easy to purchase. Are we sure we know everything about the world of sheets?

It might seem that one sheet or another is absolutely indifferent, but the distinction between materials is important, especially when it comes to products that are used in direct contact with our skin. Choosing sheets therefore becomes a selection to be made looking at aesthetics, but not only.

It's true that the eye always wants its part, so when you have to buy the set of sheets for the bed, the first choice falls on the product that attracts us the most, the one that appears most aesthetically beautiful. But the truth is that once we have selected the nicest items in our opinion, it is still appropriate to make other evaluations, which mainly concern the fabric and any other important characteristics. It is necessary to ask yourself questions to understand if the material the sheet is made of is safe, soft, resistant, etc. So which fabric to choose for bed linen? Many are oriented towards percale cotton, precious and quality.

What does cotton percale mean?

Among the many types of bed linen that can be found on the market - including e-commerce - there are many fabrics: anyone can find the sheets most in line with their tastes and preferences and what makes the difference is mainly the tissue.

One of the most loved materials in the world of sheets is percale cotton. Perhaps not everyone knows it and not everyone knows what characteristics it has, so here is everything you need to know about this particular type of cotton.

Percale cotton is a fabric that is very compact, thanks to its dense structure. It is a cotton that is made up of thin yarns, which are worked using a very precise technique: warp and weft are worked in a perfectly perpendicular manner, in order to create this ultimate plain weave fabric. It is smooth and soft to the touch and is therefore perfect for sheets and all household linen.

As it is easy to imagine, not all cotton is the same: there are types of cotton that are much more valuable than others and this is the fact capable of making the difference between a valuable fabric and a less prestigious one.

Percale cotton sheets: why choose them?

Percale cotton for your bed sheets is always a correct choice, although it is not the only possible option: bed linen, in fact, can be made in many fabrics, ranging from linen to silk, through to the timeless cotton, perfect for anyone who loves natural fibres. There is also no shortage of mixed fabric options from which to select your sheets.

You are therefore spoiled for choice in terms of bed linen, considering that cotton alone brings with it a truly vast universe of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Cotton percale sheets are quite popular and among the high quality ones. Why choose them? Simply because sleeping on a good mattress capable of guaranteeing optimal support is essential, but also being able to sleep in contact with soft and welcoming sheets is certainly not a detail to be underestimated.

Cotton percale sheets and duvet cover

Not only the sheets can be made of percale cotton, but all the bed linen, which therefore also includes pillow covers, duvet covers, pillowcases and mattress covers. What cannot be missing to make a perfect bed is a set of products that together create a welcoming and restful nest.

On the one hand it is necessary to pay particular attention when purchasing the bed system (relying on sector experts such as Baldiflex is always a good idea), on the other hand it is necessary to use adequate sheets capable of increasing the softness even further and the comfort of the bed itself.

Bed, mattress and sheets: the recipe for perfect sleep

Comfort is the main feature to look for in a mattress, but also in a pillow and in all the components of the bed system. Therefore, supporting this comfort is important and to do so it is a good idea to buy quality sheets that are suitable for our sleep.

Sleeping well is essential to recharge the energy spent during the days and to give well-deserved rest to body and mind, but in order to do this all the pieces must be put in the right place. Mattress, pillow, slats, bed bases, any toppers, mattress covers, sheets and bed linen in general must be chosen with care and attention. You will not regret it!

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