Materasso per divano letto: misure, caratteristiche e prezzi

Almost everyone, at least once in their life, finds themselves having to deal with the purchase of a mattress or an entire bed system. However, it is not certain that everyone will find themselves in the situation of also owning a sofa bed for which to purchase a mattress.

What would change in that case? Here's what you need to know before proceeding with the purchase of a mattress intended for the sofa bed.

The sofa bed is often used in guest rooms or inside houses, rooms and apartments where it is necessary to perfectly arrange every centimeter of useful space.

Perfect for those who use it little or for those who don't have the space to place a standard bed, the sofa bed must be selected with particular attention, in all its parts.

Sofa bed: comfortable and practical for everyone

If on the one hand there are those who consider the sofa bed a sleeping solution intended only for occasional guests, on the other there are those who have made the sofa bed their idea of ​​daily relaxation. The reasons that lead to the choice of a sofa bed can be very different, but in any case, in order to obtain a quality bed system, it is important to follow some precautions.

The sofa bed, if chosen among valid articles, is perfect for everyone. In fact, it is not a bed to be used only every now and then, but rather a surface that is undoubtedly also suitable for everyday life.

Sofa bed mattress: measurements

Even as regards the world of sofa beds, one of the first things to evaluate is linked to the measurements. It's not just traditional beds that can boast different size options, as sofa beds can also contain mattresses of different sizes.

The objective is to choose, among the mattresses that match the structure of the sofa bed, the one that best meets our needs and the needs of those who will use it.

The mattress for the sofa bed can be a single mattress, a double mattress or even a queen-size mattress, but the secret to a good rest is to select a quality mattress, but above all to select a mattress that is compatible, level of measures, with the network on which it will be based.

Taking the measurement of the base and selecting the correct dimensions of the mattress is a fundamental action when it comes to sofa beds: the secret is to measure the base and opt for a mattress that is one or two centimeters less than the base itself.

Otherwise, by choosing a mattress size that is too large, you would run the risk of no longer being able to fold the sofa, thus nullifying the advantages that have always distinguished the sofa bed.

Sofa bed mattress: what characteristics it must have

There are truly many mattresses for sofa beds; there are many companies and manufacturers of mattresses, including for sofa beds, and everyone knows that there are some characteristics that must be satisfied.


  1. Comfort. The main aspect to look for when selecting a mattress is related to comfort. The mattress must be comfortable for those who will use it, guaranteeing correct rest and the right support for the body.
  2. Elasticity. A mattress that has elasticity is a surface that in principle can be suitable for all body types, responding well to every need. Being able to count on a mattress capable of relieving pressure on the neck, head and back is important, even for a sofa bed.
  3. Resistance. The mattress designed to be used on a sofa bed must certainly be resistant, especially if the sofa bed will be opened (and closed) many times. A resistant mattress, in fact, allows you to give a long life to the entire bed system. When it comes to sofa beds, resistance is essential precisely to avoid finding yourself after a short time with a mattress that is sagging or unable to maintain its original shape, also causing annoyances and problems of various kinds to those who will use it.
  4. Quality. Relying on expert companies that can guarantee quality products is always recommended, not only when it comes to mattresses for sofa beds. Among the companies that deal with bed systems and accessories related to the world of rest there is Baldiflex, which presents its quality proposal of folding mattresses: the Brio folding mattress and its memory version. It is a mattress that has the advantage of being able to be used both as a sofa and as a bed, thanks to its particular structure: the simplicity of opening and closing makes it suitable even for those with little space available.

Sofa bed mattress: prices

As it is easy to imagine, the costs related to mattresses for sofa beds range from figures below €100 to over €300, but the advice is always to inform yourself in order to purchase the product with the best quality/price ratio.

Sofa bed: the Baldiflex proposal

In addition to the foldable mattresses, Baldiflex also presents the Tre Tris 3-seater sofa bed and the Pratico 2-seater sofa bed in the collection, studied down to the smallest detail in order to offer a quality product and created mainly for those who want to solve problems regarding space.

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