When the time comes to make purchases, whatever they are, it is necessary to have some information so that you don't have to regret it shortly after: the goal is always to be happy over time.

Therefore, even buying a mattress requires calm and attention and one of the first things to know before proceeding with the purchase is the size. Is the size of double mattresses standard?

What are the measurements of the single mattress? And for the sofa bed, what should you choose?

It is certainly no secret to anyone: to lead a healthy life, rest is essential, but not just any rest, because the quality of our sleep significantly affects our health.

If we sleep well, our whole body benefits. If, however, our rest is disturbed, uncomfortable and not at all relaxing, our life will be affected in every aspect.

To sleep well you need to have a bed that is suited to your needs and can guarantee the best possible sleep. How to do? Simply by putting our needs first and entrusting the search for a mattress to expert brands in the sector, who can offer a series of ideal options to choose from.

When you move house it is likely that you have to buy multiple mattresses and often different ones: the double mattress, the single mattress and possibly also the mattress for the sofa bed. These are choices to be made with foresight, because the mattress lasts for years and it is good that it is a good purchase to be proud of.

Mattresses: how to choose the size of the mattress?

Before embarking on the purchase of a mattress, it would be advisable to inform yourself well, so as to be prepared for the final purchase. You might ask yourself some questions, the first of which would be: what size mattress do I need?

Well yes, because mattresses are not all the same, but neither are their dimensions. And not only does the number of centimeters of height vary, but the length and width can also undergo changes. The size is the first piece of information to have with you right away: it is the real first starting point around which to then select the different items.

Double mattress, single mattress and queen-size mattress. Measurements and characteristics

The world of mattresses is divided into large categories, which differ precisely by size. The mattress can therefore be double (double), single (single) and one and a half. But let's not forget the mattresses intended to be contained inside the sofa beds.

  • Double mattress. Walking around physical stores, but also looking at e-commerce and sites that deal with bed products, you immediately notice the standard sizes of the mattresses. A double mattress is generally characterized by a measurement of 160 x 190. Yes, it is a default size, but there is always the possibility of changing the centimeters of the mattress. Since a greater height can undoubtedly lead to the need to have a "made-to-measure" bed, it is therefore possible to buy a mattress with plenty of additional space along its length. But it's not just the length that can be customized, because needs can also lead to the need for a few extra centimeters in width too. So among the options available there are mattresses 160 x 200, 170 x 190, 170 x 200, 180 x 190 and 180 x 200.
  • Queen size mattress. It is a mattress designed for those who want to sleep comfortably. Anyone who needs to have a little more space can opt for the queen-size mattress. The standard width of the queen-size mattress is 120 cm, while the length can range from 190 cm to 200 cm, so as to guarantee perfect rest even for those of tall stature.
  • Single mattress. As regards the dimensions of the single mattress, the standard dimensions are 80 cm x 190 cm, and can vary in length, reaching up to a maximum of 200 cm with a maximum width of 90 cm.

Sofa mattress. When the sofa becomes a bed

The mattress placed inside the sofa, ready to transform into a bed if necessary, is often underestimated because it is used less than other beds, and because it must have some well-defined characteristics in order to be contained inside the sofa.

The first step for selecting the sofa bed mattress is once again that of the size, since the first skimming will be done by selecting only mattresses that satisfy the size requirements useful for adapting to the size of the sofa. Even for the sofa bed you can choose a memory foam, latex or spring mattress, as long as it falls within the standards in terms of centimetres.

Custom made sofa bed mattresses

Is it therefore necessary to purchase a custom-made mattress for our sofa bed? When purchasing the sofa, almost always the mattress is already present inside the structure. However, it is possible to replace it with different characteristics. Customizing the mattress is possible!

The mattress supplied will - almost certainly - be spring-based, therefore, if you wish it to be different, it will be necessary to evaluate other mattresses, but you must make sure that they have the dimensions suitable for the sofa. But don't worry, it is always possible to find the right solution for all your needs.

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