At the basis of Baldiflex's philosophy is the value of Made in Italy craftsmanship which has allowed the Baldi family to produce high quality mattresses at affordable prices for everyone. We have decided to focus on the direct sale of our products, eliminating expensive and useless intermediate steps. The result? From our production plant in Quarrata, in the heart of Tuscany, directly to your home with mattresses and pillows born from the skilful gestures of master craftsmen.

Baldiflex showroom e negozio

A family tradition

Baldiflex was born from the dream of two brothers, Andrea and Francesco Baldi, born and raised in the family mattress factory with the desire to develop and pass on its legacy. Passion, dedication and innovation have given life to two modern realities: Baldiflex and Cuccioletti. A single and constant mission: to offer everyone perfect rest. The gestures and knowledge of the ancient master craftsmen and the tradition and values ​​of the Baldi family, thanks to Andrea and Francesco, are now comfortably within everyone's reach.

Baldiflex famiglia

And where to realize this dream if not in Quarrata: historic Tuscan manufacturing district, where the entire city fabric revolves around the production of beds and mattresses, family after family.

Andrea and Francesco have selected fabrics and materials, they have designed new products, they have experimented, combining traditional and innovative materials, the classic and 2.0 production line, with the sole aim of offering you the rest you deserve, in the bed you deserve.

The mattress directly to your home with one click

Baldiflex is a growing company, made up of young, motivated people with new ideas, which, thanks to the web, has created a new way of doing distribution. Today Baldiflex is able to create any type of mattress, allowing you to choose customized sizes, densities, layers and the material you want.

Thanks to Andrea and Francesco's dream, you can order your night set consisting of mattress and pillow, directly from your smartphone or computer. All you have to do is choose and order to receive your very personal sleeping set at home. More comfortable than this!