Mojito mattress in fresh memory foam

Mojito is made of fresh memory foam: it is a mattress suitable for those suffering from back problems. The memory foam adapts perfectly to any body shape: the use of waterform (expanded polyurethane) gives this mattress unparalleled freshness and avoids annoying load areas because it distributes the weight evenly.

baldiflex mojito mattress

Hybrid Bros pocket spring mattress

Hybrid Bros is our hybrid mattress: we combined 1600 independent springs with memory foam for a one-of-a-kind mattress. The pocket springs respond to stress to ensure uniform weight distribution, while the memory upper part adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. We recommend it to those who want a medium-high firmness mattress and are looking for a good compromise between freshness and support.

baldiflex mattress bros

Fluttuo Hybrid Sport pocket spring and memory mattress

Fluttuo is the mattress for athletes: it is the right combination of mini micro pocket springs and memory foam. It is suitable for those who carry out regular physical activity, even with high intensity training, because it exploits the load distribution of the micro springs and guarantees a regenerating rest. We also recommend Fluttuo to those who do not practice regular sports but are looking for a comfortable and soft mattress.

baldiflex fluttuo mattress

Higel gel and memory mattress

If you suffer from high temperatures, HiGel is perfect for you. This mattress combines the comfort of memory foam with an ultra-cool gel layer: it guarantees a uniform and stable temperature throughout the rest. In a single mattress you have everything you are looking for: freshness, comfort and the right support. HiGel is ideal for those looking for a fresh mattress, with a memory foam structure and high rigidity.

baldiflex higel mattress

100% Natura Eco latex mattress

Innovation and tradition in a single mattress: here is Natura Eco. Born from the tradition of 100% latex and the innovation of natural and ecological coconut fibres. It is a mattress that takes care of you and the environment: it is suitable for those looking for a durable, innovative and medium-firm latex mattress. Ideal for those who suffer from particular respiratory tract pathologies and are allergic to dust and mites.

baldiflex natura eco mattress

How to correctly measure the mattress before buying it

A crucial part of the purchase is the choice of size: which one to buy?

The first step to make sure you don't buy the wrong size is to measure the net or support it will rest on. The ideal is to equip yourself with a measuring tape and take the width and length measurements, starting from the external edges of the net. The choice must be directed towards a mattress of the same size as the base.

If you are looking for a mattress with particular characteristics not present on the site, you can request a personalized quote by contacting Service Customers.