Acari del materasso: come evitarli con trucchi naturali

The moment of sleep is a fundamental moment in everyone's life. Resting well is necessary to recover the energy spent during the day and recharge the batteries, so as to be able to restart with maximum well-being and relaxation.

But sleeping is not enough, as the real challenge is sleeping well. Perhaps not everyone knows that sleeping well means giving importance to many details, even those that apparently seem insignificant. There are various aspects that influence the quality of sleep, ranging from the external environment to the sleeping system, through personal health, thoughts and worries.

Bed system: the importance of the mattress

Once we have selected the best mattress that best suits our needs, the objective must be to keep it at its maximum quality for a long time, so that it can continue to present the characteristics that pushed us to select that product and not another.

By now everyone knows that it is not just the mattress that is the only protagonist around which sleeping revolves, but rather the entire bed system. Well yes, the entire bed system must be chosen carefully and with criteria, without ever losing sight of the result you want to achieve and the needs of those who will use it.

Of course, the mattress is essential and as such deserves to be purchased by taking the necessary time and gathering in advance all the information that may be useful to make the best choice. The mattress lasts for years and it is precisely for this reason that you need to take the trouble to invest some time to study the various models, the different materials and everything that the market offers.

It is precisely to meet the needs of all its customers that Baldiflex makes many items available, capable of satisfying every different need and every specific request.

Mattress care: cleaning and hygiene

The mattress also needs some maintenance, albeit minimal. In order to maintain high performance, it is necessary to take care of your mattress, remembering to turn it every now and then, but above all to maintain correct hygiene and adequate cleaning.

Not everyone is happy about cleaning, but don't despair, there is good news: cleaning the mattress is really simple and saying goodbye to mites will be a real breeze. And what's more, this is a very economical activity!

The first step to take is to remove the dust from the mattress with a certain frequency, which is often accompanied by hair, animal hair and lint. As? Simply with a vacuum cleaner, perfect for "everyday" cleaning. The cadence with which to do all this is not the same for everyone, but changing the bed linen could also match the cleaning of the mattress.

Mattress mites: how to fight them?

You don't have to be a cleanliness fanatic to feel the desire to live in a healthy environment and consequently to sleep in a bed as free from mites and allergens as possible.

Once again, the choice of mattress is important: there are some materials (such as natural latex) that counteract the formation of mites very well; but the truth is that the mattress needs to be taken care of, while also maintaining a certain standard of cleanliness.

To combat the mites that proliferate on mattresses and pillows, there are several ways, but the most frequent, as well as the cheapest, involves the use of sodium bicarbonate: once the mattress has been vacuumed, the next step will be to sprinkle it with bicarbonate , leaving it to act for about a couple of hours. Afterwards it will be possible to proceed with the removal of the bicarbonate: you can once again use the vacuum cleaner, a valid ally for hygiene and cleaning.

Mattress mites: bicarbonate of soda is the secret to eliminating them

Thanks to its properties, sodium bicarbonate is capable of cleaning and sanitizing the mattress, managing, in a short time, to eradicate the mites and a good part of their eggs.

Furthermore, bicarbonate is able to absorb bad odors, giving the mattress that newfound freshness that will be well appreciated by those who lie on it. Dust mites are so small that they are invisible to the human eye, but this does not mean that they are not a health risk: there are many allergy sufferers who particularly suffer from the presence of mites on the bed, and dust in general does not It's no good for anyone.

By fighting and eliminating the mites present on the mattress, you will start to breathe better: here are some precautions to follow.

  1. Air the bedroom daily (preferably for a long time). If possible, do this in the morning, as soon as you wake up.
  2. Choose hypoallergenic and anti-mite mattresses and pillows, perfect for combating the onset of allergens. By visiting the Baldiflex website you will find many ideas and different ideas to start selecting the best and most suitable mattress models for you.
  3. Always opt for mattresses and pillows with removable covers, so as to facilitate the cleaning and washing operation, even managing to use the home washing machine for these activities. Remember to wash at suitable temperatures to eliminate mites and various germs.
  4. If possible, let sunlight directly hit the mattress and pillows, thus helping you maintain hygiene and control over mites.

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