Acaro da letto: come igienizzare il materasso

For some time now the importance of the mattress has been becoming clear to everyone. The truth is that it is not just the mattress that must be of good quality, but the entire bed system, with all the accessories that make it up. To ensure that you sleep and rest on a suitable surface, cleaning must be carried out carefully and with the right products. But which ones?

Who has never found themselves in the situation of having to buy or replace a mattress? Sooner or later it happens to (almost) everyone and the choice is not always so easy to make, because before buying the new bed it is always important to collect the necessary information, so as to make the best purchase and which responds as best as possible to the needs of who will use it.

Mattress. Which one to choose and why?

The mattress is certainly the most important part of the bed system, but it is certainly not the only one, since all the parts that make up the bed structure must be of good quality and designed in the best possible way for a final product that is as optimal as possible.

There is no mattress capable of meeting everyone's needs, but everyone can find the mattress in line with their needs. The advice is always to rely on companies (manufacturers and sellers) who are experts in the sector and ready to recommend the ideal product for the customer, at any time.

The world of mattresses is quite large and new technologies improve day after day, to offer increasingly innovative and at the same time valid and quality items.

Baldiflex knows this well and has always dealt with sleep and rest, in order to offer true relaxation to anyone who chooses to purchase its products. True relaxation is in fact often difficult to find and the first ally you have to count on is the mattress, even if it is not the only one.

It is the entire bed system that must respond to the needs of those who will use it, so as not to soon regret the purchase made. A super mattress made with the best technology and the most expensive and quality material is not the only one responsible for optimal rest, because there are also slats, pillows and bases that must be chosen from valid products.

How to clean the mattress? The secrets of maintaining your bed

Some people don't know it yet, but the mattress needs some precautions to always perform well. Among the most important things is cleanliness.

Hygiene, when talking about mattresses, is fundamental, because mites proliferate continuously and having the situation under control is always wise; but don't despair, keeping your mattress clean is much easier (and cheaper!) than you might imagine.

So how do you clean the mattress? The good news is that if on the one hand there are articles on the market to buy for mattress hygiene, on the other you can always count on products that you certainly already have at home, excellent for thoroughly sanitizing the mattress.

Cleaning the mattress: how to sanitize the bed?

  1. The first step to take after removing the sheets from the bed is to vacuum the entire surface. To do this, simply use the vacuum cleaner, which may be equipped with a particular accessory designed specifically for vacuuming mattresses, but which can simply be used in the same way as you vacuum the floor.

  2. Once the dust has been eliminated from all sides of the mattress, you can proceed with sanitization and the possible removal of stains. What does it take to do this? Simply baking soda, warm water, lemon juice and vinegar. If there are no stains and if you make the commitment to do this procedure at every change of season, you will simply need to sprinkle the surface of the bed with a layer of bicarbonate of soda and leave it to act for at least half an hour. At this point you can proceed with vacuuming the bicarbonate and covering the bed.

  3. However, if there are any stains that need to be removed, you can count on lemon and vinegar diluted in warm water and used on the portion of the mattress to be treated (remember to let the products act). The vinegar and lemon will work on the stain with a sanitizing action, which will then allow you to proceed with the use of bicarbonate on the rest of the mattress.

The truth is that both bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice provide perfect cleaning, without forgetting hygiene, which is fundamental when it comes to bed and mattress systems.

What does an anti-mite mattress mean?

All mattresses require maintenance, albeit minimal, but thanks to new technologies, there are some companies that have chosen to invest in innovative materials, many of which are capable of creating anti-mite mattresses.

This does not mean that the mattress should not be vacuumed and kept clean, but it means that the material used to make the mattress allows the risk of mite deposits to be reduced to a minimum.

An example of an anti-mite mattress?

The Easy water latex mattress in latex and waterfoam by Baldiflex, which in addition to reducing the formation and deposition of mites, prevents the formation of bacteria and mold, thus making it a perfect product for those suffering from allergies or respiratory pathologies.

Taking care of your mattress is essential, and don't forget that it needs to be replaced every 7 - 10 years, to prevent time and daily use from changing the initial characteristics of the product, compromising its qualities.

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