Materassi per bambini Baldiflex: consigli, modelli e prezzo

Choosing the best mattress, the one that best meets the needs of those who will use it, is not always easy. When it comes to selecting a mattress for children, things can appear even more complex.

Health and safety are no joke, even more so when it comes to children. This is why even when it comes to mattresses it is good to make the necessary assessments, in order to purchase the right product, but also the one that makes mum and dad more relaxed in terms of the safety and well-being of the baby.

But if safety must always be put first, it is immediately interesting to identify the features that, in our opinion, absolutely must be present in a children's mattress.

Not all parents are looking for the same things and for this reason there are the most diverse models and types of children's mattresses on the market.

Children's mattresses: most common models and features

When it turns out there's a baby on the way, prospective parents start thinking about all the different things they might need. From clothing to accessories, including bathroom products, food and much more. One of the first things you think about is the crib.

Nowadays, the solutions in which a newborn can sleep during the first few months of life are different: the cradle, the pram (or carrycot), the basket or the cot. Whichever option is considered, the important thing will also be to select the right mattress, the one that will best meet the baby's needs.

Even when it comes to children's mattresses, there are different schools of thought, but the truth is that by relying on expert companies, the products you purchase will more likely be good quality products.

The most popular and sold mattress model for little ones is the anti-suffocation mattress; it is one of the most recommended and safest products for use by children.

Among the various characteristics that a mattress can present (not only designed for children) there is the possibility of having a removable cover: always try to direct your interest towards mattresses with removable covers, so that you can always be comfortable and agile when cleaning and of washing, easy to do even in the washing machine and comfortably from home.

Anti-suffocation mattress: what differentiates it from others?

When you start preparing the house for the arrival of the little newborn, there is a lot of information to collect regarding the most varied topics. When you think about your little one's sleep, the most frequent question concerns the anti-suffocation mattress (and pillow). What distinguishes it from a classic mattress?

The anti-suffocation mattress is designed specifically for children and what makes it safer than a standard mattress is its workmanship: it is in fact a mattress that has a perforated workmanship, so as to prevent the child from finding his face completely covered by the mattress itself . Therefore, if the child were to find his face against the mattress, he would still be able to breathe, thanks to the particular structure of the mattress itself.

Anti-suffocation mattress: the Baldiflex proposal

Children's safety is fundamental and for this reason Bladiflex has created an anti-suffocation mattress model designed specifically for them.

It is a mattress created entirely without the use of substances that could be harmful to the child and which at the same time is able to provide comfort and well-being. Among the qualities presented by the anti-suffocation mattress by Baldiflex are resistance, safety and its being breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

It is a completely removable product and therefore easy and practical to wash (even in the washing machine) and to sanitize, so as to be even more relaxed in relation to the health of the child.

But there is more, because the anti-suffocation mattress cover for children can also be chosen according to your preferences: aloe vera, maxicool (innovative fabric that dries very quickly) and silver safe fabric which distributes the heat produced by the body towards the 'external uniformly.

Children's mattress: not just anti-suffocation

Mattresses designed for the use of little ones are not only anti-suffocation. Baldiflex presents the Babyflex mattress for children (or for campers) in its collection; the Babyflex mattress is designed by the brand to be available in different heights, from 8 cm to 13 cm, depending on everyone's needs and preferences.

It is a perfect mattress for children and for use in campers, thanks to its internal structure made of water foam, excellent for providing the right comfort during sleep. The Baldiflex mattress supports the body during rest, in order to give health and well-being in the moment of relaxation, day after day.

Before rushing to purchase a children's mattress you will therefore have to study the different characteristics and understand which one best meets your tastes and your child's needs.

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