Altezza dei materassi: quanto deve essere alto un materasso?

Sleep is sacred. There are those who sleep more and those who sleep less, but there are also those who need to sleep more hours and those who are able to completely recharge the energy spent during the day in a few hours of relaxation. There is no perfect rule for sleeping well, but one thing is certain: the surface on which you rest plays a fundamental role.

Whether it is a classic bed or a sofa bed, one of the most important things to look at is the mattress: the entire bed system is fundamental, but there is no doubt that one of the fundamental players is the mattress, whatever it is.

What should the mattress be like?

Many are looking for the perfect mattress. But are we really sure that the perfect mattress exists? The truth is that each person has different needs and for this reason the choice of mattress could fall on one model rather than another. There is not a single mattress that can be defined as perfect, but only quality mattresses to find the one that best meets the needs of those who will use it.

The mattress must therefore first and foremost be comfortable and capable of giving the right support to the entire body. To do this it is important that it is the right size (both in width and length) and also the right height.

Height of mattresses: how high should the mattress be?

Once again there is not a single correct answer: regarding the height of the mattress, a lot depends on what type of mattress you choose. Today there is a lot of talk about memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses, which are starting to gain a lot of success among various customers. Therefore, memory and latex mattresses have an average height of approximately 20 - 25 cm, while mattresses with springs travel on a thickness of approximately 30 - 35 cm.

Mattress height: why is it so important?

There are many aspects and characteristics that should be evaluated when purchasing a new mattress. One of these is the height: this is an important parameter to consider, since the support capacity that the mattress gives to the body depends mainly on the height of the mattress. Sleeping well means being able to count on valid support and therefore on a mattress of a thickness suitable for the material it is made of.

The thicker a mattress is, the greater the material inside it: this determines valid support, ready to positively influence sleep and rest, in order to provide well-being and health.

A good mattress is therefore one that supports the body correctly, allowing the person to assume the position best suited to their preferences and any problems or physical needs, allowing them to rest in complete relaxation. Mattresses that have a valid height are those that generally allow you to position yourself in such a way as to respect the natural curvature of the spine, keeping the neck and back perfectly aligned, thus combating neck, neck and back pain, which are among the discomforts more widespread and which mostly affect those who do not rest on a suitable surface.

Mattress too low? Here's how to fix the problem

Improving the performance of a mattress that is "too low" is still possible. As? Simply by choosing to use a topper, perfect for protecting the mattress from external agents, for maintaining better hygiene and for increasing the comfort and support of the mattress, since the topper presents itself as an additional layer which increases the height of the mattress and therefore support and support for the body.

Anyone who does not intend to replace the old mattress in the short term will therefore be able to count on a valid ally such as the topper, preferably if it is of quality and of the right thickness! The topper can be selected starting from 3 cm in thickness, up to a maximum of 10 cm. The most requested remains the 5 cm high topper.

Mattress height: Baldiflex proposals for quality sleep

The Baldiflex company has always aimed to offer quality products, also through Made in Italy. Sleeping well is essential and providing a good rest is the goal of those who produce high quality mattresses and bed systems.

Baldiflex mattresses have different heights, so that the customer can make the best choice for himself, looking at every aspect and feature.

Whether you choose the memory foam mattress, the pocket spring mattress or the latex mattress, it will always be possible to evaluate different height options. The range is completed by gel mattresses and the Fluttuo Hybrid sport mattress. In short, by visiting the Baldiflex website you will discover that you are spoiled for choice and you simply have to understand which model best meets your needs, because the quality of Baldiflex is guaranteed.

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