Lunghezza del materasso: quanto sono lunghi i materassi

Sleeping with your feet coming out of the mattress that is too short doesn't please anyone: anyone who, due to physical height characteristics, finds themselves dealing with mattresses that are not very suitable and consequently incapable of providing adequate comfort, knows this well. It often happens on holiday, but the truth is that many are now used to sleeping on a surface that is too short even in everyday life.

Over the years, companies that produce mattresses have included the possibility of changing the size of the mattress chosen by the customer, so that even the tallest person can finally purchase the product suited to their needs. Almost all companies that produce mattresses and bed systems allow this option, but how do we know which mattress size is right for us?

The only way to be sure you're making the right choice is to test the mattress and lie on it before buying it to understand if that's the bed that's right for you. Evaluating and selecting products based on their technical characteristics is a good thing, but in the end it is by trying the mattress that you find out if it is really comfortable.

Mattress length: standard measurements

Going around the various shops, companies and e-commerce sites, you will immediately notice that the mattresses have standard sizes:

  • Single mattress: 190cm x 80cm
  • Double mattress: 190cm x 160cm
  • Double mattress: 190 cm x 120 cm

Here, therefore, the standard length foreseen for mattresses is 190 cm and is calculated on the average height. And who is a little taller than average? There is a solution and it is even simpler than you might imagine: fortunately almost all companies are able to customize the mattress, adding a few extra centimeters to prevent the feet from always remaining off the surface.

Mattress length: why it is important to sleep on a mattress of the right length

Resting on a surface that is too small (whether too short or too narrow) is strongly discouraged, as this would force the person to assume incorrect positions both during falling asleep and throughout the night, leading, over time, to an increase in possibility of developing pain or discomfort in different parts of the body.

The ideal is to always be able to assume the position that you consider most comfortable, without forgetting that not all of them are suitable and healthy, but must be evaluated based on your needs and your general state of health.

Mattress dimensions: how to understand which one is suitable?

When choosing a mattress it is important to make some assessments regarding various aspects: certainly the main quality to check is comfort, but true comfort is only possible if you purchase a product capable of meeting the needs of those who will use it.

The perfect mattress, in addition to being the one that the person considers the most comfortable, is the one that allows you to move your legs and arms freely, without the risk of going beyond the perimeter of the mattress and so as to always assume the correct position for sleeping, avoiding suffering from lack of space.

By sleeping on an unsuitable surface, there are some risks that could lead to the development of some discomfort, which generally concern the neck and back, but could also cause headaches and a sense of constant tiredness, all problems which in the long run could have a negative impact on well-being and health.

Mattress length: when to choose the king size option

We have always heard about single, double or queen-size mattresses, but lately the king size mattress option is also becoming popular, perfect for those who love to sleep without having to deal with the limited space of the bed. The king size mattress, in fact, offers an increase of 20 cm, both in length and in width, thus guaranteeing perfect and complete comfort.

Mattress length: the "custom-made" mattress makes the difference

As already mentioned, everyone has their own needs in terms of rest and sleep: therefore for some the length proposed by standard mattresses may not be sufficient, and a modification may be necessary. In this case it is advisable to turn to companies that produce mattresses, but also tailor-made mattresses, so as to be sure of finding the product most in line with your request.

Once you have found the mattress of the chosen size, it is important to remember to also adapt the base of the bed, selecting bases and slats that can support the mattress purchased. It seems complicated, but with a little patience you can find the perfect mattress and relaxation will be guaranteed!

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