Come dormire con il caldo: consigli

The beautiful season has finally arrived! But does this heat really make everyone happy? Certainly a little less happy are those who are unable to rest at night due to the summer heat and humidity and have more sleep problems than usual. It is precisely for this reason that we want to suggest small precautions and discover how to sleep in the heat!

Hot nights and absent sleep

It's undeniable: during the summer months, we struggle more to fall asleep and to sleep well in the heat. In winter, in the company of our affectionate and warm Linus blanket, sleep comes naturally, but in summer it's a completely different story.

The temperatures rise dramatically, the room seems like a hot beach, the bed like a towel spread out on the sand. We toss and turn in our beloved bed in search of position and a bit of coolness to make us sleep, but nothing, the heat gives no respite and sleep never comes!

In these torrid nights it seems truly impossible to be able to rest and enjoy a good restful sleep, but fortunately there are solutions to sleep well even during these hot months! To wake up fresh, rested and full of energy.

How to sleep in the heat: refresh your rest!

If the bedroom windows are always open as if it were broad daylight, if the pajamas we wear are very light, if the mere thought of counting sheep with all that wool makes us sweat, the time has come for us too to take action and discover simple tricks that will reveal how to sleep in the heat!

  • Shower yes, but hot. Contrary to what you might imagine, to refresh our body before sleeping it is good to take a moderately hot shower or bath. Cold showers can cause a counterproductive effect: in fact, the body temperature could rise to counteract the action of the cold water.
  • Drink lots of water. We drink a lot of water during the day, not just in the evening. Maintaining constant hydration greatly reduces the sensation of heat. However, remember not to drink particularly cold water. Frozen water slows down digestion, but also metabolism, constricting blood vessels and thus reducing hydration and the body's ability to cool down.
  • Calm and cool. As in any edgy situation, the best thing to do is to stay calm. Let's become aware of the situation: yes, it's hot, it's summer, so let's not get excited, let's not keep tossing and turning in bed: it doesn't achieve anything and only causes more heat. To “lower your blood temperature” and cool your entire body, wet your wrists or the insides of your arms under cold tap water for 30 seconds.
  • Stop appliances in the bedroom. All electrical devices are a source of heat: turning them off and unplugging them will help us keep the environment cooler.
  • For extreme evils, extreme remedies: a freezer for a friend. When the nights get hot, we must act by fighting back. Considering that sleeping in the fridge, as comical and histrionic videos suggest, is not possible, to cool the temperature, put the sheets and pillows in bags and place them in the freezer. However, you must be very careful not to wet your underwear: sleeping on surfaces soaked in water is not healthy.
  • Avoid air conditioning or fans. Let's always keep the bedroom cool but remember not to fall asleep with the air conditioner or fan on. Just before going to sleep we refresh the room and then turn everything off before sleeping. By doing so we will create an ideal and fresh environment, avoiding the noise of the appliances.
  • Infusion yes, but fresh. Who said that infusions are only good when hot? During the day, let's relax and reduce anxiety by drinking a good cold infusion of passionflower, chamomile or lavender.
  • Light dinner. What to eat before going to bed? Easy, in summer both for lunch and dinner we opt for light and easy to digest foods. We favor salads, vegetables and fruits rather than soups, stews and sauces. In this way, the body will have to work less to assimilate and will therefore produce less heat.
  • No to coffee. Even in summer, coffee remains an enemy of sleep: let's avoid drinks that contain caffeine even during the afternoon.

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