Come pulire i materassi: consigli per la pulizia del materasso

The purchase of a mattress can be considered a real investment, not only from an economic point of view.

Choosing it carefully is important, but knowing how to proceed with cleaning and maintenance is equally important. Not everyone knows how to clean mattresses and doing it at home is really easy and inexpensive.

At a certain point in life the time comes to change or buy a mattress for the first time: interest can be captured by different models and different compositions, but the truth is that everyone has their own needs and not everything is suitable for everyone . For this reason it is important to make an evaluation starting from what you want and your needs.

When purchasing the mattress, it is also important to become aware of the best practices for good maintenance of the mattress itself and for maintenance that can give it a long, but above all quality, life. After all, we know that to enjoy days full of energy, good quality sleep is essential.

Although everyone knows that the mattress (but more precisely the bed system) is essential for living well, many people still show little attention in this regard. Many people buy even expensive mattresses, without taking care of them properly and without ever cleaning them as they should be done regularly.

Why you have to clean the mattress and how often it should be done

The mattress can really become a pile of allergens and as such it is important that it is cleaned in the correct way, to prevent the situation from degenerating, risking becoming irrecoverable.

There is no rule regarding the frequency of sanitizing the mattress, there are those who feel better cleaning it every month and those who do it once a year. It all also depends on the use (more or less daily) of the mattress, because it goes without saying that a mattress used every day requires more frequent cleaning.

To maintain good hygiene in the bedroom and in the house in general, the mattress should be checked often and possibly cleaned at least with a vacuum cleaner, when necessary. However, once a season, it would also be advisable to sanitize it properly.

Sweat, body creams and oils, hair, lint, dust, pet hair and more can accumulate on the mattress, making cleaning necessary. Even if there are no obvious stains, the mattress still needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning the mattress: are elf and vacuum cleaner okay?

Using a vacuum cleaner for your mattress greatly reduces cleaning times. In fact, it is a very widespread and very effective practice for removing dust, hair and lint, but also allergens that could negatively affect your sleep.

Vacuuming the mattress frequently is a good hygiene and well-being habit. Many wonder whether the Folletto and the vacuum cleaner are suitable for cleaning the mattress: the answer is yes, because the vacuum cleaner is perfect for floors as well as for beds and sofas.

How to clean mattresses naturally

Cleaning the mattress can be tiring, but there is good news: to keep the mattress fresh and sanitized, no special, expensive or difficult-to-find products are needed. You will most likely already have everything you need available in your home.

For a "classic" cleaning you will mainly need sodium bicarbonate and possibly a few drops of essential oil to perfume everything.

The first thing to do is uncover the mattress by removing the sheets. After that, it is necessary to vacuum the mattress in all its parts, using a suitable vacuum cleaner; It would be advisable to also vacuum the back part of the mattress, but it may be impossible to do this for one person alone, so it is better to ask for help before doing this job.

At this point take an empty container and fill it with sodium bicarbonate and a few drops of essential oil (fragrance of your choice). Then place the contents of the bowl inside a strainer, which you will use to sprinkle everything evenly over the mattress. Leave it to act for about 30 minutes before carefully vacuuming the mixture from the mattress with your vacuum cleaner.

You may find stains on the mattress: in this case it is necessary to treat them, but don't worry, once again you can count on cheap ingredients available at home. In fact, you will need baking soda, salt and water to defeat stains. It will be sufficient to cover the stain with the mixture of bicarbonate, salt and water and rub, then leave it to act for half an hour.

After 30 minutes, you can proceed with removing the mixture using a slightly damp cloth. Let it dry well and the bed is ready to welcome clean sheets.

To clean your mattress using natural and low-cost ingredients, you can also opt for lemon juice and vinegar, to mix with warm water and use on the surface of the mattress, after vacuuming it.

Cleaning the mattress: products on the market

While on the one hand there are many who prefer the use of natural ingredients to clean their mattress, on the other there are those who wish to rely on industrial products specifically designed for sanitizing the bed. There are several dedicated detergents on the market, you will be spoiled for choice.

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