Come scegliere un materasso in memory: caratteristiche, prezzo e offerta

It happens to everyone, there comes a good moment when you have to buy a mattress. Maybe because it's time to replace the old one, or because there's a move involved. The truth is that choosing the mattress is an activity to be done with care and attention, spending the time it deserves.

How to choose a double or single mattress? Should you choose memory foam?

Rely on the advice of friends and relatives? In short, how to choose a mattress? Many people ask this and the aspects to consider are different.

Proceeding with the purchase of a new mattress is often exciting, even if it requires time and, in the case of a double mattress, a possible compromise to accept. Because the truth is that there are many types, models, materials, heights and prices of mattresses, but it is also true that rest is an essential moment in everyone's life, and requires a suitable surface.

Whether you are choosing a single memory mattress or a double memory mattress, the secret is always the same: make a careful assessment of everything and ultimately trust your instincts and what you have seen and felt.

How many times, perhaps during holidays, do you happen to sleep on extremely uncomfortable mattresses which have given you more or less debilitating back pain the following morning? It has certainly happened to everyone and as the years go by (well yes, we all get older!) the situation can only get worse.

To avoid unpleasant regrets after the fact, the first advice to follow before buying a mattress is to take your time: the mattress affects your life and for this reason it must be selected carefully. Don't rush to complete the purchase, ever.

How to choose a memory mattress. Here are the aspects to evaluate

If you are choosing a single memory mattress, you are certainly leaving with a great advantage, namely that of not having to make a decision as a couple. You will "only" have to focus on what is best for you, in every way. Things get a little more complicated if your other half is alongside you in choosing the mattress, since it is almost certain that you will not agree on something! After all, it's normal to expect something different from a mattress!

Here are what aspects to always take into consideration when choosing your new mattress.

  1. Personal needs. Personal needs are certainly the key aspect of the final choice. It is in fact important to be clear about what you need before finalizing the purchase. It may also happen that the customer does not know which product to choose (after all, we are not all mattress experts) but fortunately it is almost always possible to do a test in person, to find out whether or not a mattress is right for us. If necessary, try them all until you find the one that makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed; it is likely that what will guide you to the final decision will be a real love at first sight.
  2. Memory mattress - measurements. Looking at the numbers, the thing that we tend to identify more and more often is the height of the mattress, mainly of the memory mattress. Which memory mattress height is best? According to what several industry experts have declared, a memory mattress should be between 19 cm and 24 cm high. It goes without saying that the height can vary between different models, which is why it is always useful to view and test them.
  3. Memory mattress - price. As already mentioned, there are many types of memory mattresses and the consequence is that the prices are also different from each other. It is therefore possible to find a memory mattress for just over €100 and go up to over €1,000 for a double mattress. When purchasing, it is still possible to find the best mattress in relation to your purchasing power: the secret is always to look for the best relationship between quality and price.
  4. Memory mattress - offers. Finding a memory mattress on offer can happen often during the year and every offer always deserves to be evaluated. It often happens that companies decide to offer some mattress models at a discount, allowing customers to benefit from a more advantageous price. Before jumping into the purchase, therefore, it is a good idea to do some research and see if among the offers offered at that moment there is one or more models suitable for you.
  5. Memory mattress - opinions. It's certainly no mystery, we live in the age of reviews and feedback. The opinions of others are important, both for choosing the beach establishment in which to spend your holidays and for purchasing a mattress. But be careful! Not everything is right for everyone, so when looking for other people's opinions on memory foam mattresses it is important to only get the information that is relevant to us.
  6. General characteristics. There are various aspects to characterize a memory mattress. Density, firmness, lumbar support, durability and much more. Mattresses are all different from each other and looking at them in their entirety is necessary to make the best purchasing decision.
  7. What's new. It's not about looking for something that is more current or more fashionable, but about identifying a product that can boast features that meet almost all needs. An example? The Mojito mattress by Baldiflex, which features a fresh memory foam structure, designed to give you a cool rest throughout the night, eliminating heat zones that can interfere with good sleep.

Does a memory mattress cause back pain?

There are many people who ask themselves this question, especially if they have always been used to sleeping on a bed not equipped with a memory mattress.

The truth is that the memory mattress does not cause back pain, if you choose the right and suitable product.

As always, to get the best it is advisable to rely on expert opinions, who know the world of rest and mattresses perfectly: they will certainly be able to show you the best item to meet your needs.

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