Materassi per bambini: caratteristiche, dimensioni e sicurezza

Choosing the mattress is an important task, and if it is a children's mattress, attention must be even greater, in order to avoid potentially making the wrong purchase. There are differences between the mattress for adults and the one for children, not only dictated by the size, but primarily regarding the needs of the little ones.

What should children's mattresses be like? How to choose a children's mattress?

When it comes to children, nothing can be left to chance, at any moment in their lives. When it comes to mattresses, it is important to have the right knowledge to make a choice in line with our child, following his growth and her needs.

First of all, before proceeding with the various purchases, it is good to know that the child, during the first few years, will change the place used for sleeping several times, either because his body grows big quickly or because the child's structure requires support correct at every stage of development. In fact, if the newborn sleeps mainly in his crib (pram, carrycot, and so on and so forth) after a few months he will have grown to the point of needing a new bed. At this point there are those who opt for the classic children's bed (with bars to avoid unpleasant falls), those who choose the Montessorian bedroom with attached cot, those who use the camping cot for reasons of space. There is not just one rule!

Whatever your ideas, the important thing will be to make the best choice regarding mattresses, because correctly accompanying the rest of the little ones is essential to guarantee their correct and healthy growth.

Just as it is true that sleeping well helps maintain good physical and mental health for adults, the same goes for children, who if they cannot count on quality sleep, risk not being sufficiently rested during the day and encountering different and unpleasant difficulties.

Children's mattresses: advice

Mattresses designed for little ones must be chosen with particular attention. First of all, it is good to opt for a product that is not too soft: a mattress that is too soft, in fact, could adapt so well to the child's head, to the point of increasing the risk of suffocation. Be careful especially with newborns, for whom you must always have a more attentive eye.

Mattresses for children's beds should therefore be quite rigid, but at the same time they must guarantee comfort and well-being to protect the health of the little ones.

When you find yourself having to buy a children's mattress, always rely on professionals in the sector, who will put you in a position to buy quality products suitable for the age and structure of your children. In the first months of life, a newborn spends many hours sleeping, and it is important to create a "bed situation" that allows him to rest on a mattress suitable for him. As the child grows, he begins to reduce the time dedicated to sleep, to leave room for other discoveries, however the attention that must be paid to the choice of mattress remains unchanged, because night rest is essential for everyone's life.

Mattress for children and campers 10 cm high Babyflex:


Anti-suffocation mattress for children Baby:


What should a children's mattress be like?

When a baby is about to expand the family, there are many things to prepare and at a certain point questions arise after questions, doubts upon doubts. But what should a children's mattress have?

What should a children's mattress be like? It is good that children's mattresses are able to adapt perfectly to the shape of the child's body, following it as it grows. Children's bodies change so rapidly that they require a quality mattress perfectly designed for the little ones.

Support is fundamental and should always be given by a good mattress, both for adults and for children.

Children's mattresses: how to clean them?

Just like adult mattresses, children's mattresses require a certain amount of care and maintenance capable of giving the mattress a long (and high-quality) life.

But don't despair, the economic expense will be very minimal. Children's mattresses are cleaned like single, double or queen-size mattresses; the first step to do is to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the outside of hair, lint, hair, skin and more. After that, with a little bicarbonate placed in a strainer, it will be sufficient to cover the mattress and let it act before proceeding with the vacuuming again.

An advice? If your child has just started peeing on the potty, think of something to protect his mattress, since any pee stains can be removed, but if they can be prevented, it is certainly better. Good mattress hygiene is important to keep it of good quality and to allow the little ones to rest well and for a long time.

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