Coprimaterasso fresco per l'estate: prodotti Baldiflex, opinioni e prezzo

When winter seems to be a distant memory, temperatures begin to rise, sometimes so much so that we have to run for cover, seeking the maximum possible refreshment at all times of the day.

Support can also be given by the mattress cover designed for the warmer months. The idea of ​​Baldiflex is that of a mattress cover that is fresh and created specifically for summer. Really exists? Well yes!

The fresh mattress cover with cooler treatment is what was designed by the Baldiflex experts to give those who choose it a cool relief during the hottest days of the year, thus allowing optimal rest even with the most prohibitive temperatures.

Everyone knows that sleeping when it is particularly hot is very difficult, so much so that the tendency is to try to use, as much as possible, tools capable of providing a bit of refreshment.

From the fan to the air conditioning, a useful choice to combat the strong night heat is to rely on the Baldiflex mattress cover which was created specifically to meet the needs of those who want to sleep lying down on a cool and comfortable surface.

Baldiflex fresh mattress protector: how it works

The fresh mattress cover with Cooler treatment is the solution to the heat by Baldiflex: the cooler is an innovative fabric whose main characteristic is that of being highly thermally absorbent, so as to allow the skin to always remain cool even in the hottest moments.

Thanks to this product, Baldiflex is able to guarantee its customers 55% more freshness compared to cotton fabrics that are generally used to create mattress covers.

Choosing it, therefore, entails an advantage that should not be underestimated, since the heat can be really difficult to bear, causing discomfort and not allowing adequate rest.

Resting well and being able to enjoy quality sleep are the basis of a healthy life full of well-being. Sleep is fundamental to life, and to ensure that it is relaxing, restful and useful, it is essential that the bed system focuses on quality and comfort.

Mattress cover: why it is important

Taking care of your mattress and your bed system is important, with the aim of guaranteeing them a long life without affecting the characteristics and properties of the product. The mattress cover is useful for preserving the mattress, maintaining a good level of cleanliness and hygiene of the mattress itself. To maintain a good level of cleanliness, the advice is to wash it at 60 degrees to be able to sanitize it as best as possible, allowing you to use it over time in total safety.

It is a furnishing accessory that is often underestimated and sometimes considered superfluous, but the truth is that the mattress cover is a fundamental object for protecting the mattress and ourselves: cleanliness and hygiene are necessary to keep the mattress in good condition, minimizing problems related to allergies and more. The mattress, in fact, being machine washable, allows frequent replacement, also perfect for the maintenance of the mattress itself.

You don't always think about buying a mattress cover when you buy the bed, however it would be a good idea to remember to buy it, to immediately take advantage of all the benefits it can give, and thus also completing the bed system.

As for the cool mattress cover for the summer, it is a good idea to start using it as soon as the hot season begins to approach, taking advantage of its characteristics for the entire period.

The mattress cover, however, is not only useful for preserving a certain level of hygiene, but also for helping the dispersion of body moisture, in order to keep the temperature under control throughout the night. A truly relaxing rest is made up of many elements and temperature is one of them.

Choosing a mattress cover that is made of natural fiber is useful for achieving this thermoregulation, which allows you to provide coolness in summer and warmth in winter, to be able to use the mattress cover 365 days a year.

Mattress cover and hygiene: the importance of mattress maintenance

Deciding to equip the mattress with a mattress cover is useful for several reasons, including that of prolonging the life of the mattress itself, allowing it to keep its qualities and characteristics intact as much as possible over the years.

Good mattress maintenance is a must. But how to clean the mattress?

First of all, it is important to highlight that using the mattress cover allows you to greatly reduce the effort and effort required when cleaning the mattress. The products that are generally used to clean and sanitize the mattress are really very cheap and easy to find, as they are found in practically every kitchen: these are ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, water and vinegar. Remember to vacuum the mattress before proceeding with cleaning and to vacuum it even after letting the bicarbonate or other products act.

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