Spessore del materasso: quanto devono essere spessi i materassi

Sleeping is natural, but it is no secret to anyone that sleeping is not synonymous with rest. So are we sure that our sleep is truly restful? Many times it happens that you wake up more tired than the previous evening and the reasons can be many and very different from each other. One of the main culprits of disturbed sleep is the mattress.

There are various factors that influence rest, some of which are difficult to change: from thoughts to worries, through to health and quality of the sleeping system. The latter can be improved through the purchase of valid components suited to the needs of those who will use it.

The mattress is certainly the undisputed protagonist of the bed system and is often the one that is replaced when you don't rest well or enough. Changing the mattress, however, presupposes the purchase of a product suitable for your needs, so as to be able to solve the problems that prevent you from enjoying quality sleep.

Mattress thickness: why it matters and how it affects sleep

Choosing the perfect mattress is not so simple, because there are several variables to consider to understand which characteristics the product should present to be defined as the right one for us. But don't worry, all it takes is a little patience.

Each mattress shows qualities and characteristics that must be evaluated by the customer: one of the most important concerns the thickness of the mattress. This is a fundamental aspect to look at, because the support capacity of the mattress depends on the thickness.

A mattress capable of providing adequate support to the body will certainly be a comfortable and excellent mattress for maintaining a correct position during the falling asleep phase and throughout the entire sleep. The objective, in fact, is to allow the spine to assume a natural position even during hours of rest, in order to avoid unpleasant discomfort and pain when waking up.

The thickness of the mattress depends on the type of material that is used to make the mattress itself. As a rough guide, the average for a memory foam mattress is around 20 - 25 cm, while a spring mattress can also be around 25 - 30 cm high.

What differentiates the different thicknesses is linked to the quantity of material present inside: the more material there is, the more the mattress will be able to provide high support, guaranteeing comfort and well-being.

Mattress thickness: how to evaluate it and which mattress to choose

Once you have understood the importance of the thickness of the mattress, it is essential to understand which type is suitable for us, i.e. the one that best meets our needs. There is no perfect thickness, because each individual finds comfort in different aspects and characteristics, but generally the thicker mattresses are among the most appreciated, as well as those that obtain the best feedback from those who have tested them, even in the long term.

The choice of mattress must therefore take into account its thickness, since all the support that the body receives during sleep depends on it, resulting in a truly relaxing rest.

Mattress thickness: what happens if you rest on a mattress that is too low?

When the mattress on which you lie down is too low you can immediately notice it: once you lie down, the base and slats can be felt through the mattress, a sign that it is a surface unsuitable for effective rest. Many may not feel the discomfort of a thin mattress, but sleep is affected and consequently the whole day.

When the support given by the mattress is not sufficient, the first thing that happens is that the body is not always able to assume the correct position, risking tiring the muscles and skeleton, thus leading to the onset of various physical problems which day after day tend to get worse if nothing is done about the mattress.

Mattress thickness: when a less thick mattress is recommended

As always there are exceptions. Thinner mattresses exist and in some cases they are preferable, always trying to find good quality products.

The thinner mattresses are perfect for camping beds (for adults and children alike) and for some sofa bed models: these are mattresses that are easy to transport and convenient to roll up, to save space and not to weigh down the shoulders and back of whoever will have to move them.

The pros of choosing thinner mattresses lie precisely in their practicality and manageability, as well as the extreme ease of cleaning and hygiene. Therefore, in some cases it is even advisable to purchase a mattress with a reduced thickness, in order to obtain a series of benefits that are impossible to find by choosing higher mattresses.

The secret to choosing the perfect mattress is always to understand the needs of those who will use it, because only in this way will you be able to make the best choice without regrets.

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