Coprimaterasso in spugna: quando e perché usarlo

To sleep well it is necessary to follow some useful measures to promote sleep and maintain a high level of general well-being of the subject. Over the years, many have spoken in support of quality rest, essential for health and for providing truly relaxing sleep.

Among the various culprits responsible for the quality of sleep is the mattress. Choosing the right mattress can take a long time and sometimes it is necessary to see and try several before finding the one that is completely convincing.

How to choose the right mattress?

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to buy or replace a mattress, but it is not always easy to understand which is the best purchase to make. The first question to ask yourself is linked to your needs: what characteristics do we want our mattress to have?

Choosing the right mattress is not an activity to be taken lightly, as it requires a certain knowledge and a priori collection of information, useful for starting to select the products most in line with our needs.

After that, the advice is to rely on retailers and manufacturers of quality mattresses, who are also capable of supporting customers during the choice phase, recommending the most suitable models for every type of need.

Mattress: care and maintenance

Once you bring the new mattress home, you will finally be able to sleep peacefully, confident that you have the right surface to support your sleep. But how can you keep the standard of the mattress always high?

The truth is that the mattress also needs care and maintenance, which are essential to guarantee it a long life and to provide it with the ability to keep all its original characteristics intact, i.e. those characteristics that pushed us to choose it and not another mattress .

Mattress maintenance consists of constant cleaning with fairly frequent sanitization, very often feasible with products already present at home such as bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice.

You must not then forget to turn the mattress every now and then, so as to avoid unpleasant and unhealthy sagging for those who will sleep on it.

Mattress cover: what it is and how it works

The mattress cover is generally made of fabric and is a truly important accessory for the entire bed system. This is a sheet with elastic corners that must be placed between the mattress and the sheet.

The mattress cover, in practice, has the function of keeping the mattress in good health, managing to reduce dirt and allergens.

Mattress cover: the number one ally for mattress maintenance

To try to maintain the mattress for as long as possible and without altering its qualities, it is possible to resort to the aid of accessories that are easy to purchase from mattress and bed system retailers.

One of these is the mattress cover, economical and very useful for protecting the mattress from external agents and for containing the proliferation of allergens on the surface of the mattress itself.

Among the most frequently purchased mattress covers is the sponge mattress cover, suitable for both summer and winter and useful for protecting the mattress itself from dust, hair and various lint. But there's more: the use of a mattress cover allows you to reduce the proliferation of mites on the surface of the mattress, so as to contain the formation of unhealthy allergens for everyone, young and old.

Sponge mattress cover: all the advantages of using it

The mattress cover is a real protection for the mattress itself. By choosing to use a mattress protector, cleanliness and hygiene will be easier to re-establish.

Among the advantages of using a sponge mattress cover is that related to cleaning, since the mattress cover is easily washable in the washing machine and allows you to rest on a clean and sanitized surface. Be careful though: even if you use a mattress protector, the mattress still needs to be vacuumed often and cleaned regularly.

Another pro of choosing a mattress cover is linked to its being breathable. The sensation of cleanliness and freshness that is created will give a pleasant sensation to anyone who sleeps there.

Mattress cover: Baldiflex proposals to choose from

Baldiflex also cares about the long life of mattresses and for this reason has thought of some mattress cover models that can meet the needs of its customers.

  • B-Safe certified antiviral mattress cover. It is a mattress cover that is immersed in a tub with an antiviral product which is then dried and heat-set. Its antiviral characteristic resists up to 10 washes and protects the mattress and those who use it from viruses and bacteria.
  • Mattress cover with fresh Ice Fresh treatment. This special mattress cover gives the skin a constant sensation of freshness, guaranteeing 55% more freshness than other cotton products.
  • Polycotton mattress cover. Polycotton is an eco-friendly fiber that comes from recycled plastic and is a particularly resistant and valid material.
  • Sanity mattress cover in Jacquard fabric. Designed to be cool in summer and warm in winter, the Sanity mattress cover is anti-mite and machine washable at 30 degrees.

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