Durata dei materassi in lattice: i motivi per scegliere il materasso in lattice

Choosing a new mattress is often considered a simple thing, however when the time comes to buy it, the first doubts begin to emerge and the desire to know more about the many products that the sleep market offers takes over. After all, as we know, resting well is essential to be able to count on daily health and well-being.

Perhaps not everyone knows it, but gathering the right information before proceeding with the purchase of the mattress is essential to making the choice best suited to your needs, without risking getting the wrong item, which would inevitably affect your sleep and therefore your body and mind of those who will use it.

Quality mattress: how to choose the right mattress

In a world that travels ever faster, time to rest is essential, because it allows you to recharge all the energy spent during the day, in order to always leave in top shape and health. All this is possible only if you rest on the right surface, and finding it requires making the right assessments when purchasing, perhaps even supported by industry experts, able to provide the most useful explanations regarding each model and each type. of mattress for sale.

Choosing the right mattress is not impossible and the first aspect to keep in mind is that everyone finds comfort in different mattresses and characteristics, which is why it is important to seek advice, but it is essential that the final choice of mattress is made in a completely subjective manner and based on your own idea of ​​comfort.

Durability of latex mattresses: when to change the mattress?

Over the years it happens several times that we have to deal with the need to replace the old mattress. Understanding when it is time to throw away the worn out mattress is not always simple, but the truth is that over time the mattress tends to lose its original characteristics and the comfort may no longer be so high, necessarily leading towards the only Possible solution: buy a new mattress.

Lately the latex mattress is becoming very popular and many are wondering how many years it can last: the average life of a latex mattress is around 8 years, but it can increase (and quite a bit) if you use some simple precautions that should from correct cleaning and hygiene to the choice of a topper to add on the part in contact with the body to maintain the characteristics of the mattress for longer.

Latex mattress: 6 reasons to choose it

Among the many options that the mattress market presents is the latex mattress. It is a product that is conquering more and more people, thanks to its numerous qualities and thanks to the advantages it presents.

Here are the main reasons that push you to choose a latex mattress.

  • Elastic. Latex is a natural material that derives from the bark and among its most appreciated characteristics is elasticity, which makes the latex mattress perfect for anyone who wants to rest on a welcoming surface, but simultaneously elastic and capable of providing valid support to the entire body.
  • Soft. The latex mattress offers a unique softness, guaranteeing anyone who chooses it the sensation of resting as if they were sleeping on a cloud, but without ever neglecting the support, which is essential for complete, quality relaxation .
  • Breathable. One of the most sought-after qualities in mattresses is breathability, essential for obtaining a cool, dry rest in all seasons. Thanks to its natural nature, the latex mattress is extremely breathable.
  • Natural. Latex is a 100% natural material, but be careful, because when you hear about latex mattresses you are not always dealing with natural latex.
  • Anti-mite and hypoallergenic. Being breathable and natural allows the latex mattress to be defined as anti-mite, therefore perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies.
  • Comfortable. In addition to being very fashionable lately, the latex mattress is able to provide high comfort and valid support to the body during sleep, promoting relaxation and allowing anyone who uses it to reduce to a minimum of pain and discomfort, often resulting from a poor quality mattress.

Latex mattresses: Baldiflex proposals

Baldiflex is also at the forefront when it comes to latex mattresses, presenting two proposals designed and dedicated to its customers: the Natura Eco 18 model in latex and the Natura Eco 25 model in latex and coconut fibre.

The 18 cm high Natura Eco latex mattress adapts perfectly to the body and guarantees homogeneous support, alongside comfort and breathability. It is a product that has different zones of differentiated pressure, designed to guarantee total support to the body and allowing the spine to remain aligned.

The 25 cm high Natura Eco latex and coconut fiber mattress features the additional presence of coconut fibre, which provides even higher breathability and firmer support, without sacrificing flexibility.

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