Cuscini ortocervicali: come scegliere il cuscino più adatto

Waking up rested after quality sleep is a privilege that not everyone has. There are many reasons linked to sleep disorders and one of the main ones concerns the poor quality or wear of the sleeping system. After all, as we know, to sleep well you need to be able to lie down on a valid surface suited to your needs.

Waking up sore, bruised and even more tired than the previous evening is not uncommon: in fact, many cannot be considered satisfied with their rest and consequently with their bed.

Secrets for sleeping well: choosing the right pillow

When you sleep well, the day can be faced with energy and vitality, but in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to understand whether your sleeping system is able to respond to the needs of those who use it. It often happens that the first person to be blamed for the lack of sleep comfort is the mattress. It is certainly one of the main protagonists of the bed system, however all the other components should not be overlooked, such as bases, slats, toppers, cushions and various accessories.

The choice of mattress is important and requires the right attention, but once the final mattress has been selected, i.e. the one that best contains the required characteristics, it is necessary to also dedicate time to bed bases and pillows. It would be advisable to select the base in line with the characteristics of the mattress, while the pillow travels on a separate track, and therefore allows you to range between numerous models and as many materials.

Cushions and pillows. How to choose the most suitable one?

Many times we take it for granted, but a comfortable, quality pillow can really make the difference between a truly restful sleep and a sleep of little value.

The advice to start selecting some pillow models is to test the products yourself, in order to concretely understand which item can be defined as truly comfortable and suitable for your sleep.

Here are some of the aspects to consider when buying a pillow.


  1. Material. It is not always easy to understand which type of padding is best for our needs. There are those who prefer softer pillows, some less soft, but the height of the pillow is also important to define comfort. If the doubt remains, the advice is to ask for an opinion from those who are more expert on the subject, and will certainly be able to direct you towards the most suitable choice.
  2. Model. Not all pillows are the same. It often happens that you come across really uncomfortable pillows. The model suited to our needs exists, we just need to have the patience to look for it.
  3. Health conditions. The position you assume during sleep is fundamental to understanding which pillow to use, but your health conditions must also be put in the foreground. From problems related to the back to those concerning circulation, through to cervical discomfort and various tingling, the pain can be of various kinds and of various nature. A good pillow, carefully chosen, can relieve and contain them, proving to be a true ally of well-being.
  4. Sleep position. Making the right assessments in a preventive manner allows you to buy the right product, avoiding annoying second thoughts and consequent waste of time and also money.

Orthocervical pillow: what it is and how it works

The orthocervical pillow is a pillow that immediately appears particular due to its shape. This is a product mainly requested by those who suffer from some back and neck problems. The secret, however, is in the posture you assume during sleep, which must always be correct to provide a real benefit.

To use the maximum potential of the orthocervical pillow, it is best that the head is positioned correctly in the center, so as not to create tension in the neck area. The spine must be relaxed, as should the shoulders: the best position to combine with the orthocervical pillow is therefore the one on the side.

The correct pillow is the one that maintains high comfort over time and does not cause physical problems to arise, thus guaranteeing nights of true relaxation and well-deserved rest.

Don't forget to replace the pillow when it starts to lose its initial characteristics, which happens over time. Try to catch the first signs so as not to suddenly find yourself in a “cheek emergency”!

Orthocervical pillow: the Baldiflex model

Baldiflex has also decided to enrich its offer of pillows by introducing the orthocervical model: this is the latex orthocervical pillow, capable of shaping itself under the pressure of the body, guaranteeing adequate support throughout the rest of the rest.

The particular shape designed by Baldiflex allows the use of the orthocervical pillow by those who suffer from neck pain: it is therefore a hypoallergenic, anti-mite and breathable latex product.

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