Fase REM nel sonno: cosa vuol dire e perché è importante

Sleeping is essential for living well, but perhaps not everyone knows that to be able to count on a healthy life, quality sleep is essential, which is truly restful in all respects.

Achieving good sleep requires some precautions, ranging from the state of health to the state of mind, but which also include the external environment and the bed system, a true protagonist of relaxation.

Sleep is very often underestimated and perhaps not everyone knows its true dynamics, which starts when you lie down, start to relax and end with deep sleep, then start again with a new sleep cycle and so on. until the final awakening.

REM phase: what does it mean?

Sleep is made up of 5 phases, all equally important and necessary to create the sleep cycle, which is repeated several times during the night: just think that each cycle lasts approximately 90 minutes.

The stages of sleep

  • Phase 1: falling asleep
  • Phase 2: light sleep
  • Stage 3: Deep sleep
  • Stage 4: Actual deep sleep
  • Stage 5: REM sleep

Of these 5 phases, the one that arouses the greatest interest is the last, that is, the one that includes the moment of REM sleep: this is the moment that is also called "Paradoxical Sleep" during which one completely abandons oneself. The body relaxes and all the muscles remain still, unlike the brain, which is in full activity.

REM means Rapid Eye Movement and perfectly identifies the moment of sleep in which the eyes move very rapidly under the eyelids and is the only moment in which dreams occur, which are possible thanks to the great activity of the brain.

REM phase: what happens if you wake up?

The REM phase begins about an hour and a half after falling asleep and is the one that concludes the sleep cycle that repeats several times during the night.

Waking up in the middle of the REM phase creates confusion and disorientation for the first few minutes and according to the most expert opinions, waking up during the REM phase is guilty of generating low self-esteem and irritability.

REM phase: how much REM phase do you need each night?

Many studies have been done on the sleep of human beings, which among the many data highlight how an adult needs from an hour and a half to 2 and a half hours of REM sleep every night.

To be able to count on health and well-being, everyone should therefore "use" 20-25% of sleep in the 5th phase, the REM phase, so as to wake up full of energy and rested, both physically and mentally.

REM sleep is necessary because it is precisely during this phase that mechanisms are created that simulate wakefulness and are useful for promoting the maturation of the brain. REM sleep also helps the brain return to wakefulness after falling asleep correctly.

Tips to improve REM sleep, deep sleep

  1. Get moving, but not before going to bed
  2. Pay attention to your diet, especially in the evening and before going to bed
  3. Dim lights and noises in the bedroom
  4. Don't overdo it with coffee and alcoholic drinks

How to improve the quality of sleep?

There can be many moments in which one does not rest well during one's life and the reasons are very varied: from pathologies to lifestyle, always going to bed at different times and the poor quality of the bed system on which one sleeps. he rests.

Personal psycho-physical conditions are important, but unfortunately it is not always possible to intervene by modifying them at will. As regards the bed system, however, you can make the choices best suited to your needs, so as to improve the quality of sleep and long-term rest.

The first step to take to ensure true relaxation is to carefully select the mattress on which to lie down. The market (physical shops, companies and e-commerce) offers many and very different models: for this reason it could be useful to rely on the advice of the most experts in the field of sleeping well, who know the characteristics of the products perfectly and will know direct customers towards the items most in line with their needs.

Baldiflex knows this well and has always offered an assortment of mattresses and bed systems designed to meet every need and requirement. To achieve a valid sleep, each part of the bed system must be chosen looking at every detail.

Bed bases, slats, any toppers, mattress covers and cushions need time to be evaluated based on your idea of ​​comfort and it is not always easy to find the right combinations.

A piece of advice: take the time necessary and test each item first hand. Only in this way will you find the comfort and quality you are looking for.

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