Detrazione materasso ortopedico: come fare e cosa sapere

Sleep is a fundamental moment of the day, since the quality of sleep affects health and well-being, guaranteeing energy and vitality in the case of effective relaxation and leaving tiredness, exhaustion and various types of discomfort in the case of poor quality rest.

Good sleep is essential for leading a healthy life. It's not just about comfort in resting, but about real well-being. For this reason every individual should be able to find the bed system most in line with their needs.

For many, the mattress plays a fundamental role in everyday life and as such must be selected with extreme care and attention to every detail.

There are many mattresses on the market: it will be enough to take a tour of bed companies and retailers (without forgetting the many dedicated e-commerces) and discover that you are spoiled for choice. From the memory foam mattress to the latex mattress, through the pocket spring mattress and the polyurethane mattress: everyone will be able to find the product that best suits their needs.

Mattresses are considered real health allies, so much so that those certified as Medical Devices by the Ministry of Health can allow a deduction as a health expense. How to do?

Deduction of the mattress as a medical device: how to obtain it

Mattresses can be deducted by 19% as a health expense and in order to obtain the deduction it is essential to have the purchase invoice, which can be requested from the retailer.

The invoice must be addressed to the person requesting the deduction, who must also attach their tax code. Pay attention to the invoice, because it must contain the details of the item purchased and not just the words "medical device". Finally, not to be forgotten is the CE marking of the product purchased, which is necessary to access the deduction and must be reported on the invoice.

Last, but not least, is the aspect related to the payment method. If you are used to paying using cash, this time you will have to make an exception, since the deduction will only be possible in the presence of a tracked payment and therefore made by credit card, debit card, check or bank transfer.

In this case, the mattress is treated as a real healthcare expense, and many orthopedic mattresses fall within this section. Mattress manufacturers and retailers who think of everyone's needs are well aware of this, offering an assortment of orthopedic mattresses and orthopedic bases of different models.

Orthopedic mattress: when to choose it and which one to choose

Many people choose orthopedic mattresses to improve the quality of sleep, especially if upon waking they find themselves with unpleasant aches or pains that day after day affect the quality of the day and health in general.

The orthopedic mattress is often recommended to those who suffer from back-related disorders, but the truth is that orthopedic mattresses are capable of providing perfect support to the entire structure and therefore to the entire body, allowing you to adopt a correct posture in order to avoid the much hated neck, shoulder and back discomfort.

Choosing the mattress suited to your needs might seem simple, however, it requires you to pay the right amount of attention; the primary advice to achieve the result of finding the perfect mattress is to try the products firsthand and evaluate their comfort.

The mattress must indeed be of quality, but above all it must be comfortable for those who will use it, only in this way can you count on truly healthy relaxation.

It often happens that you approach the world of mattresses and find yourself a little confused about the choice, due to the vast assortment, and because not everyone has clear ideas about what they are looking for. There are many products and the characteristics that distinguish them are many and often very specific. How do you juggle all the different information?

Help could come from relying on the most sleep experts, who will certainly be able to support customers by narrowing the field to a small number of options from which to make the final choice.

Orthopedic mattresses: fundamental characteristics

The orthopedic mattress is generally associated with those with health problems, but the truth is that an orthopedic mattress can be used by anyone.

Basically it could be said that orthopedic mattresses have as their main characteristic that of being particularly rigid (or medium rigid) mattresses and capable of providing high support to the body. Therefore, anyone who opts for an orthopedic mattress must be aware of these particularities presented by the product before purchasing it: not everyone finds comfort in a very rigid mattress and it is also for this reason that it is always recommended to try the mattress before buy it.

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