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Furnishing your home is an exciting moment, even if at times it can become very tiring and, when you don't find what you want, the risk of feeling a little frustrated is just around the corner.

Purchasing all the furniture and various accessories to make our home as welcoming as possible requires a large investment of time and energy. Getting organized is a must, especially if you are not alone in making the choices. In short, the secret is to arm yourself with a lot of patience, but in the end you will be rewarded.

Sofa: which one to choose and why

The bed system deserves to be chosen with particular attention, since it is a place of primary importance: sleeping well is essential and being able to count on a good, quality surface is the first step towards health and well-being. Speaking of a bed system, it is necessary to spend some time choosing each of its parts, but above all the mattress.

But the bed is not the only place dedicated to rest, as the sofa also plays a prestigious role. In many houses and apartments the sofa turns out to be even more important than the bed system and as such it should be chosen by looking at every feature, every pro and every con of the various models on the market.

Which sofa to choose then? The first question to ask must be linked to the function of the sofa: do we need a classic sofa or a sofa bed? If we want to buy a sofa that is not also a bed, then it will be appropriate to define the size and the various details that we want the furniture to present.

However, it is different if we are looking for a sofa that also doubles as a bed, since there are additional aspects to select and evaluate carefully. The sofa bed must in fact be valid both as a sofa and as a bed, managing to guarantee comfort and practicality to those who will use it at all times.

2-seater sofa bed: the Baldiflex proposal

The 2-seater sofa bed is the most requested and for this reason there are many companies that make it. One of these is Baldiflex, which offers the Praticho 2-seater sofa bed. It is a sofa bed that has the following measurements: total depth 105 cm, seat depth 65 cm, total sofa width 194 cm, seat height 40 cm and backrest height 80 cm. The mattress, however, measures 140 cm in width, 194 cm in length and 40 cm in seat height.

The practicality of the Praticho double sofa bed is linked to its very easy opening. Here, therefore, through a special handle on the backrest, the sofa is able to transform into a comfortable double bed.

Sofa bed: features to look for before buying it

Just as you carefully look for the bed system, the same care must be used when selecting the sofa bed; just like the bed, the sofa also lasts for years and for this reason it is essential to make the choice most in line with our needs, thus avoiding quickly regretting a hasty and perhaps incorrect purchase.

There are various characteristics that the different sofa bed models on the market can present, but here's what you need to evaluate.

  1. Comfort. The comfort of the sofa and bed come first. A sofa and a bed that are not comfortable are not good for anyone, but the truth is that each person finds comfort in different characteristics: there are those who prefer softer surfaces and those who tend to prefer less soft surfaces. The key word is comfort and to find the sofa bed best suited to your needs you need to try them firsthand, testing the comfort of every part.
  2. Size. The sofa bed we have selected is not always suitable for the house to be furnished, as it often happens that the size is not the right one. The 2-seater sofa beds do not all have the same size, as the models are different from each other. Always evaluate the size of the sofa and the mattress, so as to understand if they could be the right ones for the room or living room. Don't forget that if the sofa bed has 2 seats, it must be able to accommodate two guests, leaving them the necessary space to rest well.
  3. Practicality. Another aspect not to be underestimated is practicality. Being able to open and close the sofa bed with agility and without too much effort is a notable factor, especially if it is a bed that is used daily or very frequently.
  4. Quality. A quality sofa will almost certainly be a valid sofa characterized by excellent materials, however even among high quality models it is necessary to select the one that best meets our needs.

Sofa bed: the solution for smaller sizes

The sofa bed is the "never again without it" for all those who live in smaller spaces and who necessarily have to deal with more complicated organization. So make room for the sofa bed, the best solution for saving space, without neglecting comfort and design.

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