Differenza tra materassi normali e materassi per bambini

When the family expands and a baby arrives, everything changes, including the house. Once born, the baby will sleep in his crib, which can also be the carrycot (or pram) or the basket, which has recently been very fashionable and much appreciated by design lovers.

As the child grows, he will need more space to spend moments of sleep and relaxation and for this reason it will be necessary to purchase a different solution, which usually translates into a cot. There are many companies that produce cots for children and it often happens that new parents find themselves spoiled for choice. From the simplest to the most modern and sophisticated, children's beds must convince mum and dad first and foremost.

Mattresses for adults and mattresses for children: differences

Buying a bed for children may seem apparently simple, since it is considered the "mini" version of a classic bed, but the truth is that it is not just the size that makes the difference.

In addition to the size of the structure, what differentiates the "bed for adults" from the "bed for children" is the type of mattress. Normal mattresses can have many different characteristics, and can be made using cutting-edge materials and technologies: from memory foam to springs, through latex and gel, there are so many materials that can be used for modern mattresses.

However, as regards mattresses dedicated to children, the qualities to look at are different and mainly concern safety, which must always come first.

A good children's mattress should be breathable, hypoallergenic, removable and anti-suffocation.

Children's mattress: what does anti-suffocation mattress mean?

One of the first aspects that today's parents look at when they find themselves in the situation of having to buy a mattress for their child is anti-suffocation.

Not everyone knows that the anti-suffocation mattress is the most recommended for children, starting from the very first days of life.

An anti-suffocation mattress is defined as safer than a standard mattress as it has, across its entire surface, holes spaced apart and specifically designed to prevent the child from suffocating if he finds himself with his face against him during sleep.

This is a solution that over time has allowed parents to feel calmer, especially during the night.

Mattresses for adults and mattresses for children: common characteristics

Despite the many differences that are not only aesthetic, the classic mattress and the children's mattress also have some points in common, which represent extremely important characteristics in order to be able to count on valid, quality rest.

Young and old alike need to sleep well in order to live in health and well-being, and the bed system plays a role of primary importance in this sense.

Here are the features that mattresses for adults and mattresses for children should always have.

  • Comfort. A comfortable bed is essential and for this reason comfort is the first thing to look at when purchasing the mattress, the pillow and everything that revolves around the bed system. Comfort is highly subjective: everyone encounters comfort in different characteristics and this allows bed system manufacturers to indulge themselves, always creating different models and innovative articles.
  • Support. A good mattress allows you to obtain adequate support for the whole body during rest. This applies to both adults and children, as children also need to sleep well and have a mattress that can support their body during the night. Mattresses are therefore considered valid when they offer good support.
  • Quality and safety. Quality and safety are a must when it comes to children. A quality bed system is always worth looking for and it is important that during the purchase phase you select the products with the best relationship between quality and price. Quality does not always mean exaggerated costs: try it to believe it.

Quality mattresses: Baldiflex for adults and children

It happens more and more often that when you decide to buy a new mattress for yourself or your children, you start doing research starting from the world of the web. There are many sites and e-commerce sites that deal with the sale of mattresses and items for bed systems and this allows you to start collecting ideas and making an initial selection of products suited to your needs.

Baldiflex is a company that has always dealt with good sleep, making Made in Italy quality a true workhorse, much appreciated by all customers. Finding the perfect bed is possible!

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