Dormire senza cuscino: problemi di salute e postura che potrebbero nascere

Good sleep is essential for everyone's well-being. Sleeping well is the basis of a life full of health and energy, however not everyone can claim to enjoy quality sleep. Sometimes it's the mattress's fault, other times the pillow is the cause of the problems.

Could sleeping without a pillow be the solution? Which pillow to choose?

When you don't sleep well, the whole day is affected and not being able to rest properly, in the long run, can lead to quite a few problems. Among the main causes of poor sleep are the pillow and the mattress; for this reason it is very important to choose quality items, but above all suitable for the needs of those who will use them.

The importance of a good mattress is now known, because the surface on which you lie down plays a primary role in the quality of your sleep. For this reason it is essential that the mattress is equipped with the features most in line with the needs of those who will use it. Taking the right time to select the best item is essential and letting yourself be advised by those who are more expert can really be the secret to making a successful and valid purchase over time.

As regards the pillow, there are many aspects to check before proceeding with the purchase: the biggest mistake you can make is to think that after all "it's just a pillow". When the pillow is not the right one for us and our needs, the first problems begin, very often linked to the neck and back, which then have repercussions on the entire structure, involving the entire body.

To resolve the pain that arises daily, waking up after waking up, many believe that by giving up the pillow they could find the solution. But are we sure that this is really the case? Is sleeping without a pillow really the secret to better sleep?

Cervical: is sleeping without a pillow the solution?

There are many people who suffer from discomfort or pain in the neck and these are pains which, in cascade, also affect other parts of the body. How to try to solve them? One of the first things that are often recommended is to review the pillow, the mattress and the position you assume during sleep.

One of the questions that those who suffer from cervical pain often ask is related to the pillow: can sleeping without a pillow really improve cervical discomfort? The opinions of the most experts say no: sleeping without a pillow would not help those suffering from cervical pain, indeed, it could be a more harmful than healthy choice. But why?

Sleeping without a pillow, in fact, would not allow the body to maintain a natural position, especially in the cervical region. Sleeping without a pillow, therefore, would not be healthy at all for your head, neck and back.

Is sleeping without a pillow good for you? What problems could arise?

In order to be able to count on quality sleep, the mattress-pillow combination is the protagonist, since both must be valid and designed for the needs of those who will use them. If one of the two is of poor quality, the entire bed system and consequently the entire rest will be affected.

Sleeping without a pillow is not the solution and could cause several problems.

  • Neck pain. The annoying pain in the neck, sleeping without a pillow, is always lurking, especially for those who prefer the position on their side, since not using the pillow means making the neck take an unnatural position and therefore potentially harmful, as well as painful .
  • Neck pain. The same goes for the neck: without the support given by a good pillow, the neck becomes too stressed during the hours of sleep, resulting in pain and discomfort when you wake up. The column, without the pillow, is not aligned and this means that the body does not relax following a natural posture and therefore achieving the desired well-being.
  • Shoulder pain. Another consequence of not using the pillow is linked to possible shoulder pain. Without a pillow there is no support and just like the neck and cervical spine, the shoulders would also be positioned incorrectly, leading to unpleasant, annoying and painful consequences.

Sleeping without a pillow: when is it possible?

Many people are in the habit of sleeping without a pillow, considering it healthy and finding it comfortable. But the truth is that sleeping without a pillow is not recommended at all, especially for those who experience some pain. So who can choose to give up the pillow and still rest well?

According to the most experts, the only people who would not experience pain and discomfort by sleeping without a pillow are those who prefer to rest on their stomachs.

However, the prone position is not among the most recommended in order to enjoy quality sleep, not relieving the body of tensions and pressures, since the entire structure does not assume a natural posture, especially as regards the head, neck and shoulders . However, if you really can't help but sleep on your stomach, know that by giving up the pillow you won't have any additional pain or discomfort!

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