Topper alto 7 cm Baldiflex: come scegliere l'altezza del topper in base al materasso

Buying or replacing an old mattress is something that happens to everyone throughout their lives. What is often underestimated, however, is that the bed system is fundamental for well-being and for this reason it must be chosen with extreme care, in order to avoid regrets and unnecessary expenses.

The bed system includes everything, from the bases to the slats, through to the structure, feet, cushions and more, but the real protagonist is the mattress. The mattress, in fact, is the one that most affects the quality of sleep, even if it alone is not sufficient to guarantee complete comfort and quality rest.

Therefore, choosing the perfect mattress is often an arduous undertaking, made up of tests, gathering information, but also of second thoughts and changes of mind, which must always be taken into consideration for this type of purchase.

Next to the mattress there are various accessories, which have very specific tasks, which it is good to consider right away so as to make a complete and finished purchase that can be used immediately. One of these accessories linked to the mattress is the topper.

Mattress topper: what is it?

The topper can be defined as a kind of thin mattress (or less thin, depending on the thickness chosen) that is positioned on top of the mattress. It is a padded surface that is used just as an additional layer to the mattress.

It is sold separately from the mattress, so much so that not everyone knows of its existence, however the topper is something that is always good to take into consideration. It is easy to use and very often (almost always now) the toppers are equipped with elastic bands positioned on all four corners, which allow you to place it easily and keep it in place while you sleep.

Generally the mattress topper is placed as an intermediate layer between the mattress and the mattress cover and can be of different heights; the topper has a thickness ranging from 3 cm to 10 cm, but the one that is sold most frequently is the 5 cm topper.

Mattress topper. What is the topper for?

The topper is an additional layer placed on top of the mattress which presents itself as something soft, welcoming and truly comfortable.

Once you discover the existence of the topper, its structure and its positioning, the question arises spontaneously: why buy it? What is the topper really for? Is it so necessary?

Like many accessories, the topper is presented as an optional product, without which quality rest, on a quality mattress, is still assured. But what happens when the mattress isn't that good quality or starts to show some defects due to age and daily use?

This is where the topper comes into play, perfect for correcting those small (or not so small) defects that a mattress that is no longer new can present or for safeguarding a newly purchased mattress, so as to make it more long-lasting while preserving its original characteristics and qualities for a long time.

Mattress topper. Advantages

Choosing to use a topper for your mattress confers several advantages, as it is able to respond to many needs that may arise or change over time. The topper, in fact, is often used to make a too rigid surface softer, or vice versa, to give greater rigidity to a mattress considered too soft.

The topper, by correcting those defects that could arise in mattresses over time, is also useful for providing the right comfort to a mattress that is about to be replaced, but that you still want to use for some time.

No less important, among the advantages of a topper is its transportability: light, easy to handle and convenient to transport, the topper is one of the most popular choices for second homes or holiday homes, but also for all those situations in which you want to sleep well without a big financial commitment.

7 cm topper. How to choose a mattress topper

Being available in different heights, the topper is a product that requires knowledge, and relying on someone competent when choosing is always a good idea, so as to be more convinced and sure of what you are buying. The topper features different padding ranging from memory foam to latex, but also expanded polyurethane (water foam), natural fibers and more and not all of them are suitable for every need, so an expert opinion is essential.

The 7 cm topper is an excellent height (a little higher than average, considering that the most commonly purchased topper is the 5 cm one) and useful for carrying out all the functions that a topper can support. If the mattress is particularly poor, but cannot be replaced for a series of reasons, a topper can save your rest, guaranteeing quality comfort and relaxation.

Mattress topper: how much does it cost? Prices and opinions

A quality topper is certainly considered by everyone as a valid item, a real help in many occasions and situations.

Before buying it, we are interested in the price, so as to know how much the financial commitment will be; a topper can have different prices, as you can imagine, which vary depending on the size, height and type.

The topper can cost from a few tens of euros up to much higher figures, exceeding €200.

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