Durata del materasso: trucchi per farlo durare di più

Whenever you buy something, especially when you spend a little more, you want to be in possession of a long-lasting product that doesn't have to be replaced after a short time. An example above all is the mattress. How to make the mattress last longer?

Purchasing a mattress is an important moment since our sleep and consequently our physical and mental well-being depends on the mattress (and more generally on the bed system); everyone knows that resting well allows you to face the days full of greater energy and above all allows you to avoid having to suffer some ailments due to a bad rest which is often caused by a mattress and a base that are not suitable for us.

For these reasons it is good to take the right time when buying the bed system, without forgetting to evaluate every aspect. After all, it is a purchase that we will live with for several years, and having an uncomfortable or unsuitable mattress could also prove harmful.

The mattress is not eternal, but it certainly lasts for years. The duration is variable, a lot depends on the material of composition and its quality, but first of all its duration over time depends on the maintenance it will receive over the years.

Mattress durability: latex and memory foam

As you can easily imagine, there is no real lifespan of a mattress, there is no deadline or date to respect. There are many variables that can affect the more or less long life of our mattress.

As for memory foam mattresses, they can generally have a life of around 7 - 10 years, however it is good to remember that this is a figure that can undergo changes.

The latex mattress, on the other hand, is among the most popular also due to its well-known longevity: a latex mattress, in fact, can last up to 25 years. But once again this is a standard timing, which may not coincide exactly.

To make mattresses last longer, it is possible to adopt some simple but effective measures, which will certainly lead you to take good care of your product, without spending too much in terms of euros, but also in time and effort.

Mattress life: what to do to make it last longer

As time passes, we often wonder what we can do to make the mattress more long-lasting, or at least how to keep it a valid product and still equipped with its initial characteristics, the ones that had pushed us to purchase that particular model and type. of mattress.

Here are some simple tricks that will help you with your mattress. Regardless of the type of mattress, there is maintenance to follow, which is also illustrated at the time of purchase. If this is not the case, don't despair: by surfing the net you will surely find all the information you need.

  1. Use a mattress protector. It seems trivial but it is not. The first thing to do before starting to rest on a new mattress is to equip it with a mattress cover, preferably one resistant to liquids. Whether or not you have children or pets running around the house, an accident can always happen and the mattress could be compromised. Therefore, choose a mattress cover that is suitable in size and also in fabric, paying attention to the season to avoid being too hot in summer and, vice versa, too cool in winter. The mattress protector is important because it is placed between the sheets and the mattress.
  2. Rotate the mattress. Rotating the mattress is essential, but pay attention to the type of mattress, because not all can be turned upside down, but can only be turned by placing the part that was under the head at the feet. Make sure of this aspect during the purchasing phase, but you will certainly find everything online too. Rotating the mattress is very important, because it allows you to avoid depressions on the surface, which could be harmful to a good rest and also to your health. Generally, the frequency with which you rotate the mattress can vary, but the average is approximately once a season.
  3. Regular hygiene. Maintaining good hygiene also helps the mattress. You must avoid arriving with too much dust or accumulated stains, on the one hand because it is unhealthy and on the other because it could be difficult (if not impossible) to completely remove the marks. Keeping your mattress clean is therefore extremely important, but be careful about the products you choose to use. It is not recommended to opt for aggressive detergents, but instead use natural and low-cost products, such as bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. As regards steam sanitisation, opinions are conflicting, as there are those who recommend it and those who distance themselves from it. Always take advice from the manufacturer, who will be able to give you the best advice on maintenance and cleaning.
  4. Quality bed system. For it to be long-lasting, it is important that the mattress is of high quality. But it is not enough, because the base on which the mattress itself will rest must also be of high quality. Therefore, remember to take all aspects and features into consideration before proceeding with the purchase of the products.

Apparently, they may seem like actions of little importance, but the truth is that the minimum is enough to make a mattress last longer, or at least to ensure that it maintains its properties over the years, which is no small feat!

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