Posizioni corrette per dormire: come scegliere il materasso

The moment of rest is one of the most important. The quality of sleep has a strong impact on physical well-being and mental well-being and for this reason it is interesting to know more about the positions you can take to sleep, but also about which mattress to choose for total and effective relaxation now and over time.

The position we assume while sleeping plays a fundamental role in the quality of sleep and this means that not all positions are correct for sleeping well. It is not enough to lie down and think you feel comfortable, since some positions in which we force our body for hours can even be harmful in some respects.

As often happens, not everything is right for everyone, since the needs (different for each individual person) are always to be put first, but there are still some aspects that can be considered, both when you lie down in bed and in mattress selection phase.

Sleeping positions: pros and cons

The different positions that one assumes during sleep can have advantages and disadvantages, more or less accentuated: it is important to highlight that not everyone has the same needs, but there are some aspects of the different sleeping positions that could be interesting for everyone .


  1. Fetal position. The fetal position is one of the most popular and certainly brings several advantages. According to the most experts, the fetal position would in fact be useful for low back pain and to help reduce annoying snoring, so hated by those who sleep next to it. Not only advantages however, since a very narrow fetal position seems to be able to influence any joint pain, which could leave soreness the following morning.
  2. On the side. Perhaps not everyone knows that the best side for sleeping is the left one, because this position facilitates the work of the spleen, promoting digestion and more. Sleeping on the left side would also be helpful in improving blood circulation to the heart and eliminating toxins.
  3. On your back. Sleeping on your back offers some benefits: it may be useful for relieving pressure on your hips and knees, while simultaneously keeping your spine aligned. On the other hand, it is the worst position for those who tend to snore, who would snore even more this way!
  4. On the belly. It would seem that sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for sleeping well. This is a position that could in fact cause pain in the neck, back and joints; sleeping in this way is not unusual for you to wake up in the morning still feeling tired and a little sore. To try to reduce the pain you could use a thin pillow for your head.

Taking some time to try to gradually "train" to assume a new position for sleeping can be a good start to improving the quality of your sleep, however not everyone is able to relax in a position other than the usual one, but there is 'is something to worry about: one piece of advice could be to start slightly modifying your favorite position, in order to get the most benefit, because each person is different from the others and their sleep needs are therefore different.

How to choose the mattress

There is no single way to benefit from quality sleep, as needs are different and there are many aspects to evaluate. Next to how we choose to position our body during sleep, there is the mattress that influences our rest. How to choose the "right" mattress?

The mattress is very important but we must not forget that the bed system is made up of several parts; from the slats to the cushion, everything should be chosen carefully and with particular attention to quality and personal needs.

The choice of mattress should not be underestimated, since it is an object that will accompany us for a long time and around which a fundamental aspect for total well-being revolves, namely sleep. In fact, before purchasing the mattress, it is important to try to be clear about what our needs may be, so as to have a more or less certain starting point.

There are different types of mattresses and not all are ideal for every need or for any physical problems or ailments; It is therefore essential to have a clear understanding of what is "expected" from the mattress, because sleeping well is not a given.

By choosing an unsuitable mattress, the risk is that you will need to replace it after a short time, with all that this entails, i.e. waste of time, money and energy. By investing more attention in the initial purchase, however, the possibility of making a purchase that is not in line with our needs is minimized.

Therefore, pay attention to the material of the mattress you choose and also to its structure. Then also carefully evaluate the dimensions, always keeping in mind that the mattresses (and consequently the bases) can be of various sizes, so as to meet almost all needs.

A quality mattress purchased according to your characteristics and needs will be able to give you a restful sleep that is useful for regenerating your body and mind, night after night. But be careful not to always blame the mattress if you don't feel rested in the morning, because even the position you assume during the night may not be the best for you!

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