Fibre di cocco: caratteristiche per riposare e dormire meglio

Sleeping well is essential for living well. Good health also involves sleeping well and quality rest which, although they are well-known concepts, are not always easily achievable. There are many reasons, but the main cause of a lack of relaxation is to be found in the sleeping system.

The read system in its entirety is the fundamental player of rest. If you can count on a quality bed, your rest will consequently also be better. From the mattress to the pillows, through to bed bases, slats, toppers and mattress covers, everything must be chosen looking at the quality and characteristics of the products.

Mattresses and quality. How to choose best

The bed system is made up of several parts, but the undisputed protagonist is certainly the mattress; Choosing the one that best suits your needs is a must, but not always easy.

When the time comes to replace or buy a new mattress, it is useful to find out what the market offers, and then test the products and their relative comfort firsthand.

Each person has different needs and for this reason there are many types of mattresses (but also many types of all the other components of the bed system and various accessories dedicated to the world of sleeping). The secret is to find the products most in line with your needs and, why not, also with your pocket.

To make the right choice it is important first of all to understand what you are looking for and what characteristics we want the bed system to have. Everyone's goal should be quality, or at least finding the best relationship between quality and the price paid. Yes, it is possible!

Mattresses and coconut fibre: the allies of health

When buying a new mattress, there are different aspects to evaluate. One above all is linked to the padding materials, finishes and details. From latex to cotton, through wool, memory foam and gel. One fiber worth mentioning is coir.

It is a perfect material for maintaining high well-being, thanks to its high breathability. Coconut fiber is entirely vegetal and allows air to pass through, creating a pleasant sensation of freshness, eliminating static electricity.

Adding coconut fiber to the mattress offers greater breathability, but also important support for the body, a fundamental aspect when you want to put comfort at the forefront. Each person has their own preferences in terms of mattress: there are those who prefer to sleep on a more rigid surface and those who prefer less rigid mattresses, but we are all united by the need for a bed capable of supporting the body as best as possible, relieving pressure along the entire back, neck and head.

Coconut fibers. Health benefits

Choosing to use natural fibers is beneficial for your health and more: natural fibers are eco-compatible and biodegradable materials, perfect for use in products that are placed in direct contact with the skin. When faced with natural fibers such as coconut fibre, thank your health, but also thank the environment, since the environmental impact of natural fibers is practically zero.

Mattresses with coconut fibers. The Baldiflex proposal

There are many companies producing and distributing mattresses (and bed systems in general): Baldiflex stands out, which presents the 25 cm Natura Eco Mattress in latex and coconut fibers in its assortment. It is a mattress that boasts valid support and excellent support, with particular resistance and a special breathability, given by the coconut fibers useful for trapping humidity.

The presence of coconut fibers inside the mattress makes the environment healthier, because it combats and prevents the formation of mold and dust. Seeing is believing!

The 25 cm Natura mattress in latex and coconut fibers by Baldiflex has 3 layers: the first layer in latex promotes support, ergonomics and breathability. The second 6 cm thick layer of coconut fiber provides freshness, resistance, rigidity and breathability. The third layer of latex, the same as the first also in thickness (9 cm), increases support.

Mattresses with coconut fibers. Opinions

Nowadays, more and more people rely on the feedback of friends, colleagues and relatives before making a choice, without forgetting the endless reviews found on the web.

Here, therefore, even in relation to mattresses, the comments are many and often capable of influencing the opinions of others. The advice, when choosing the mattress, is to listen to the opinions of those around us, but to make the final and definitive decision in complete autonomy, because the needs are different and for this reason each person finds their comfort in characteristics of different mattresses. Try the mattress firsthand before buying it and once you are convinced, all you have to do is start sleeping well!

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