Misura dei materassi matrimoniali: misure standard comuni

There always comes a time in life when you have to choose a new mattress.

Sometimes only the mattress needs to be changed, other times it is necessary to replace the entire bed system, but one thing is certain: choosing the mattress is an important decision not to be taken lightly. The secret is to take the time to make the best selection and find the right product.

The mattress could be defined as the undisputed protagonist of the bed system, however, it is not the only one that must be selected with care and paying attention to quality, since all the parts that make up the bed must be carefully evaluated.

Slats, bed bases, cushions and toppers might seem of secondary importance, but the truth is that they are essential cogs in a perfect mechanism, that is, the one that concerns sleeping well.

Mattresses: how to choose the perfect mattress

The perfect mattress does not exist, but there is a mattress capable of best responding to the needs of the person who will use it. Everyone has different needs, often dictated by their physical and health condition and also linked to their perception of comfort, which is not the same for everyone.

Here, therefore, there is no mattress that everyone can agree on, but certainly every person will have to find maximum comfort in their own mattress. Make room, therefore, for trips to emporiums, shops, producers and distributors of beds and mattresses, to discover the various products and the many offers. Don't forget the world of the web, as there are e-commerce sites that really deserve to be visited.

Size of mattresses: double, single and queen size

Mattress sizes can vary in width, height and length, to best meet everyone's needs: everyone can order the mattress by selecting the size best suited to their body and needs.

By studying the various sellers, it is still possible to select standard dimensions for each type of mattress, with the certainty that everyone will have the possibility to make changes in terms of centimetres, to satisfy each customer as much as possible.

  • Double mattress size: 190 cm x 160 cm
  • Single mattress size: 190 cm x 80 cm
  • Measurement of queen size mattresses: 190 cm x 120 cm

There are also less popular, but still noteworthy, mattress options, such as the French version (190 cm x 140 cm) and the king size version (180 cm x 210 cm).

Mattress size: how important it is to choose the right one and why

Apparently the size of the mattress might seem of little importance: many consider it essential to just find out about the length, due to one's height, but there is more. The size of the mattress has a strong impact on the quality of your night's rest and for this reason it must be decided with care and with awareness of your body size.

Sleeping well is essential at every age: young and old should take the well-being of their sleep to heart, so as to avoid a series of discomforts and pains (of various kinds) that could arise due to unrestful sleep. “Sleeping”, in fact, is not necessarily synonymous with “resting”, indeed, for many, night sleep does not generate the benefits it should.

Resting correctly also means being able to count on a surface of a size suitable for your physical structure and therefore sleeping on a bed capable of correctly supporting the body, and relieving the pressure that you may feel on your neck, shoulders and back. Whichever bed model you select, one of the aspects to evaluate is therefore that of size.

Many people wake up more tired than when they fell asleep. The natural consequence of this problem is a feeling of exhaustion and lack of energy that will accompany the entire day, preventing you from feeling full of energy as you should be after hours of true relaxation.

Mattress and relaxation. The latest products from Baldiflex

To decide which mattress to buy, the moment of first-hand testing is also essential: the ideal, in fact, is to test the different mattresses before proceeding with the purchase, so as to be sure of the real comfort of the product, avoiding unpleasant and useless second thoughts waste of time and money.

Among the various companies that deal with mattresses and bed systems, Baldiflex stands out, offering many types of mattresses, with different characteristics from which to choose the one best suited to your needs.

From the famous and much loved memory foam, to the new Hi-gel technology, through latex and pocket springs, Baldiflex mattresses are capable of providing the quality that sleep requires, promoting physical well-being and mental well-being.

All that remains is to discover the qualities of Baldiflex mattresses and choose the product suitable for your rest!

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