Lenzuola con angolo: dove trovarle, come metterle, come lavarle

There are few who love household chores. Of course, there are some jobs that weigh less, others that some define as relaxing or fun, but the truth is that in general, keeping the house clean and tidy is tiring work, although in the end it is satisfying, at least as long as the mess and dust they don't go back on the attack.

There are those who would never want to wash the floors, those who hate ironing and those who hate washing the dishes, in short everyone has their own preferences even if in the end the housework is a bit of a chore. Those who are fortunate enough not to live alone can hope to entrust what they least prefer to those who share their domestic space, but it's not always easy. But one thing is certain: making the bed in which the fitted sheet is present is of great help.

Among the many household chores to be done daily - or weekly, as the case may be - is taking care of the bed. Making the bed is a daily job and changing the bed linen (or more beds if there are children) is however a frequent job, approximately weekly.

Bed linen: how to choose it

Choosing sheets for your bed may seem apparently simple, but it is important to always evaluate some aspects before making a purchase.

Each mattress has different characteristics, among which the dimensions stand out: height, width and length of the mattress, in fact, can vary depending on the models and depending on the possible needs of the customer, who may require an adjustment of length and width based on their height and your size or even just in relation to your desire for space to rest on.

Therefore, before buying sheets it is a good idea to make an assessment regarding the measurements, in order not to end up with unusable bed linen because it is too small.

The second step to follow is to evaluate the characteristics of the sheets, first of all the fabric. Most bed linen is made of cotton, but there are many and very different types of cotton from which sheets can be made: the different types of cotton, in fact, can vary from the most prestigious ones such as percale and sateen, to the quality ones reduced like flannel and jersey. The secret, before making the final choice, is to understand what type of fabric you want to have in direct contact with your skin.

Fitted sheets: why they are important

Making and making the bed are certainly simple activities, but they still require commitment and even minimal physical effort, especially when dealing with double beds or beds with heavier mattresses than usual.

To try to make this type of work as easy as possible, it is a good idea to purchase fitted sheets to use for the mattress. Nowadays, bed sets almost all feature a fitted sheet, but in some homes it is still possible to find classic, rectangular sheets, to be used both for the mattress and as an actual sheet on which to place a blanket or bedspread.

The advent of the fitted sheet brought with it a significant advantage: have you ever tried to make (and remake) a bed on which there was a fitted sheet to cover the mattress? If the answer is "Yes" then you know what it means to be able to count on fitted sheets day after day, which are comfortable and useful to facilitate the work of tidying up the bed.

Fitted sheets: where to find them

Finding fitted sheets is very simple. Today all shops - and e-commerce - that deal with the distribution of household products and household linen have in their assortment bed sheets and consequently fitted sheets, whether single, double or queen-size. . For our part, we have tried to select the best fabrics and colors for our fitted sheets in percale cotton.

Many times the sheets are sold in sets, already combined and packaged to perfection, but for those who prefer to indulge in choosing patterns, designs or even solid colors to match according to their taste, there is always the possibility of purchasing a sheet , fitted sheet, pillow cover and possible duvet cover in single mode. You can find our selection of sheets in the Bed linen.

Fitted sheets: how to wash them

Washing sheets is often overlooked. The sheets can be easily washed in the washing machine, except for very rare cases of fabrics that do not allow this possibility, but you must pay attention to the degrees.

The first thing to do, as with any item of clothing placed in the washing machine, is to carefully look at the internal label, the one that shows the guidelines for proper washing. Respecting what the label communicates means giving the product a long life and allowing ourselves to be able to enjoy that item for a long time and keeping its original characteristics intact.

Choosing quality products where possible allows you to be able to count on perfect bed linen for many years.

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