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How to choose an armchair for your living room and how to take care of it

The centerpiece of a living room is the armchair, an essential decorative accessory if you want to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Depending on the space you have, your budget and your tastes, a wide choice of armchairs is available. Discover our advice for best choosing your future armchair.

5 things to check before buying an armchair

A real investment: your armchair will follow you over time, through the seasons and in your interior design. Some questions allow you to best identify the place that will meet your expectations.

The size of the armchair compared to your internal space

For small living rooms and small dining rooms, it is important to choose an armchair that does not clutter the room. The relaxing armchairs in fabric or leather are ideal for small environments. They offer comfortable seating while optimizing space.

An armchair with or without armrests

There are many models of armchairs with more or less imposing armrests. If it's a seat for your reading corner or your TV area, choose a seat that allows you to stay there for hours. Therefore, you will need armrests large enough to sit on comfortably.

An armchair with footstool

The armchair with footstool is a timeless piece of furniture. Thanks to the padding and quality fabrics, seats that incorporate a small pouf will allow you to stretch your legs. For greater comfort, you can also opt for a two-seater armchair, ideal for romantic evenings in front of a film.

A trendy design armchair

Rattan, rocking or designer, your armchair is also a decorative accessory. It allows you to dress your space according to your desires. For a bohemian touch, the rattan rocking chair is ideal. Lovers of style and modern design will appreciate the butterfly models that give a touch of elegance to your decoration.

What technique to properly clean your armchair?

Before undertaking major cleaning it is necessary to consider vacuuming the armchair regularly - at least once a week - to remove crumbs, dust and other dirt. If you stain your armchair, react quickly - it really is the ultimate tip for keeping it clean. So, the faster you act, the less deeply the stain will get stuck and the easier it will be to remove it!

Grandma's best tips for cleaning a fabric armchair

Let's draw on grandmothers' advice to clean your armchair. Whatever solution is chosen, you must always pay attention first to the stain and then to the entire surface to avoid leaving marks.

White vinegar to clean the chair

The true protagonist of grandmother's recipes, white vinegar also works miracles on fabrics! Mix 2/3 white vinegar, 1/3 warm water and 1 teaspoon, put the liquid on a sponge and apply to the stain. We finish by rinsing.

Baking soda to clean the chair

Little effort but great results with this very simple technique! Just sprinkle a little baking soda over the entire surface, leave for several hours... then vacuum up the crystals and you're done!

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