Letto contenitore con materasso Baldiflex: design e arredamento

The moment of purchasing a bedroom is always exciting, both if it is the first furniture choice and if you already have experience in selecting various furniture and furnishing accessories.

Speaking of the bedroom, the fulcrum of the room is the bed system, in its entirety.

Resting well is essential to being able to enjoy a life always full of energy and full of well-being, however only by being able to count on a quality bed is it possible to sleep well. The bed you sleep on should 100% meet the needs of those who will use it, but is it always possible? What to do if in addition to a comfortable and quality bed we also need some additional space? The solution could be found in the storage bed with mattress.

As the years pass, it very often happens that we accumulate many things inside our homes: things that we become attached to and which are increasingly difficult to leave or throw away. Being able to count on a little additional space in your home is never a given. To overcome the space problem, many choose the storage bed, designed specifically to provide an extra place in which to store what is deemed best.

Storage bed with mattress. The choice for everyone

It doesn't matter whether you live in a very large house or a small apartment, there is never enough space, especially in the bedroom. Those who have opted for the storage bed know it well, you can store everything in it, from blankets to toys that children no longer use, through to clothing, documents and much more.

Storage beds with mattresses are not all the same, so when choosing it is important to have clear ideas about what we are looking for, in order to start making an initial selection, which is necessary to limit the purchase field.

The truth is that the storage bed is perfect for everyone, adults and children, single, double, queen-size and even king-size beds. Everyone will be able to count on the container, to have more space available.

Container bed. Which one to choose and what characteristics it should have

The choice of bed, whatever it may be, must be thought out with the right attention, since everyone will have to find their own solution, which will almost certainly be different from that of other people, because what is good for one individual may not be good for another.

The evaluations that must be made when you want to buy a storage bed are different.

  1. Container. Since it is a container bed, one of the first things to see is the capacity of the container itself. The containers are different from each other and practicality is not always maximum. The convenience of the container is also given by the opening/closing mechanism, which must be easy and agile for everyone. As regards the capacity of the container, everything depends on the structure, so it is best to view it calmly and carefully.
  2. Comfort. A bed must first of all be comfortable for those who will lie down in it. Comfort is essential to rest well and to wake up day after day rested and recharged to face a new day. For this reason it is best to rely on expert companies and manufacturers, who make comfort a real jewel in the crown.
  3. Fabrics and design. Furnishing the bedroom also requires a bit of aesthetic taste. The bed is also part of the room and as such should be in line with what is around it. Whether it is in fabric, leather or eco-leather, the bed becomes a piece of furniture that must also be beautiful and in harmony with the rest of the house.
  4. Price. Last but not least, the price issue. Making a preventive cost assessment, perhaps via the web which offers all kinds of items, can be a good idea to start selecting what is suitable and what is not. The goal must always be to find the best quality bed, at the most competitive price possible.

Storage bed with mattress. Baldiflex and its proposals

Among the companies that have specialized in the world of sleeping and therefore bed systems, there is Baldiflex, which among its numerous proposals also presents the container bed with mattress.

Baldiflex's is the Licia storage bed, which can be found in different variants:

Licia storage bed in single fabric, queen size, double and king size; Licia container bed in eco-leather single, queen size, double and king size.

The Baldiflex storage bed is perfect for everyone: its opening system is activated by hydraulic pistons and allows you to open the container easily and comfortably thanks to the special handle.

The fabric and eco-leather variants have a padded, non-deformable headboard and are suitable for hosting any type of mattress, in line with the size of the selected base.

The color possibilities are different and everyone will surely find the best nuance for their bedroom. You will be spoiled for choice!

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