Materasso in gel Baldiflex: vantaggi, caratteristiche e prezzo del modello Higel

The purchase of a new mattress or a new bed system is always an important step, either because you are furnishing a new home or because the time has come to replace the old one.

Among the various options that can be evaluated are gel mattresses. Here is the HiGel proposal by Baldiflex.

Each season has its own peculiarities and we must try to experience them to the fullest, trying to counteract the most uncomfortable temperatures. As regards the summer season, one of the main activities to carry out is to combat the strong heat. To do this, you can intervene in various ways, including through the mattress, as Baldiflex does with the new HiGel model.

The Baldiflex gel mattress was created to combat the heat, presenting itself as a cool mattress capable of giving a pleasant sensation of rest. The HiGel product is able to lower the body temperature, managing to provide well-being and freshness during rest.

Sleeping well is essential and is the basis of a life full of well-being and energy. How to enjoy quality sleep? Intervening on the mattress (or on the bed system in general) is certainly the first step to evaluate, because the surface on which you rest is essential.

A poor quality mattress can negatively influence sleep, also leading to the appearance of various discomforts or pains in the neck and back, which then have repercussions on everyday life.

Mattress: which one to choose and why

Choosing a mattress seems like an easy job, but the truth is that it is not to be taken lightly, because the mattress will accompany us for many years, influencing our sleep and consequently our daily life, night after night.

Nowadays you can find mattresses both in shops and online, but before buying them it is always useful to find out about all the details that can make the difference between one model and another, or between one material and another. In case of doubt, it may be appropriate to consult with an expert in the sector, who will be able to indicate which mattresses could be the most suitable in different situations and for different subjects.

Among the different options found on the market, the most requested are related to memory foam and latex, however there are also other valid products to consider before proceeding with the purchase. One of them is gel.

Gel mattress: characteristics

Often, before completing a purchase, we rely on third-party opinions and feedback found online, so as to try to understand whether the product we are evaluating is the one best suited to our needs or not. The advice is always to look at the opinions, but to then choose in absolute autonomy since what is valid for one person may not be valid for another.

As for gel mattresses, it is important to understand their characteristics before buying them.

Advantageous and pro features of a gel mattress

  1. Freshness. What distinguishes the gel mattress from all other mattresses is the characteristic of freshness, given by the gel layer which is placed in the upper part of the mattress, the part most in contact with the body. The gel therefore allows you to give a sensation of freshness to the skin, particularly pleasant during the hottest months of the year. Furthermore, the gel mattress reduces humidity even in the event of sweating, allowing you to maintain greater hygiene and continuous freshness, characteristics that make it perfect for those who suffer a lot from warmer temperatures.
  2. Comfort. When talking about mattresses, the key word is Comfort, because when you sleep you must feel comfortable and the gel mattress is able to guarantee maximum comfort.
  3. Support. An important fact to consider when considering the gel mattress is that of the support; the support provided by this type of mattress is such as to accommodate the body resting on it, easing the pressure on the body itself, giving lightness and total well-being.

HiGel Baldiflex mattress

Choosing the mattress on which to rest for many years is essential. The new HiGel mattress by Baldiflex is capable of dispersing the night's heat, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness during rest.

The HiGel mattress is characterized by a 3D surface that allows the body to adapt perfectly to the mattress, always feeling supported and welcomed by the mattress itself, with the aim of providing true quality rest.

Breathable and removable, the Badliflex HiGel mattress is a hypoallergenic and anti-mite product and is particularly suitable for those who suffer from higher temperatures.

The HiGel mattress is made up of 4 layers: the first layer is in memory foam, which combined with the gel provides freshness. The second layer is Superflex HD and is the one that gives support to the body. The third Waterfoam Air layer in polyurethane guarantees high breathability. The fourth Waterfoam layer in elastic polyurethane supports the body without ever deforming.

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