Materasso fresco d'estate: caratteristiche dei materassi estivi

There are those who suffer a lot from the heat, those who suffer a lot from the cold and even those who suffer from both without distinction. Sleeping well when the outside temperature is not among the most suitable is certainly not easy, but to stem this problem it is possible to find a valid ally in the right mattress.

When buying a new mattress it is good to take every aspect and feature into consideration, because today's mattresses generally last years, and discovering after a few months that you have not made the right purchase would lead to an unpleasant waste of time and of money. Here, therefore, finding useful information to navigate the vast universe of bed systems is fundamental.

It is not necessary to be an expert in the sleep sector to find the mattress suited to your needs, however, it is mandatory to have collected your ideas and defined what you want from your mattress and your bed system. But if you really feel lost, don't worry, every retailer and every manufacturing company will be able to provide a competent representative to help you select the products most in line with your needs, probably clarifying any doubts.

How to choose the mattress? Which characteristics to evaluate?

Is there a perfect mattress? A mattress that can be universally defined as perfect does not exist, but certainly every person can find their perfection in different mattress models, each with its predominant qualities and characteristics.

Before proceeding with the purchase it is necessary to consider every aspect and everything that can make the difference between quality rest and ineffective or insufficient sleep. Regarding mattresses, the characteristics to look at with due interest are: height and thickness, size, material and padding, quality, comfort and price.

Cool mattress in summer: what's different?

When the summer heat becomes unbearable, night sleep is often affected, disturbed by a temperature that is certainly not comfortable. Despite a non-optimal climatic condition, it is still possible to intervene to stem the problem, managing to get adequate rest and well-deserved relaxation that is truly quality, despite the extreme heat.

The solution is the fresh mattress. This particular type of mattress allows you to combat the hottest nights, thanks to its particular cooling and thermoregulation capacity.

What characterizes summer mattresses is mainly the layer that is positioned in contact with the body, which is generally made with natural materials such as cotton, or with highly innovative materials specifically designed to allow the subject to always perceive a fresh and dry surface. The summer mattress is the one that allows air to pass through it, favoring the dispersion of heat and consequent control over sweating: those who sweat a lot, in fact, should always prefer very breathable mattresses, which will inevitably be perceived as cooler.

Mattress with summer side and winter side: is it the solution?

Every season has its problems, but when the goal is to ensure that sleep is truly restful and of good quality, the bed system on which you lie down must be carefully selected; anyone who is particularly affected by summer and winter temperatures can opt for a mattress that has a summer side and a winter side, so as to stay cool in summer and not lose heat in winter.

Most mattress models have a label on both sides to identify the summer side and the winter side, but if there is no indication, remember that the winter side is the one that feels softer and softer to the touch, for via the materials present in the padding, while the summer one appears more rigid, but no less comfortable or welcoming.

Fresh mattress: the Baldiflex proposal

Even Baldiflex, a company that has made good sleep a strong point, has studied a mattress that can meet the needs of those who suffer a lot from the heat of the summer season: it is the HiGel memory and gel mattress, characterized by a first layer 5 cm in memory (55/60 density) and HiGel. The HiGel mattress by Baldiflex is therefore a fresh and restful surface, thanks to its innovative characteristics, which make it capable of lowering the body temperature, managing to disperse heat and promoting constant coolness, even on the hottest and most muggy days. .

But that's not all, because the memory layer and the Superflex HD foam make the HiGel mattress a real support for unique and certified relaxation, as well as made in Italy. Comfort is combined with innovation to obtain a mattress designed for those who want to sleep cooler, since its characteristics also include valid support and maximum support for the whole body, hypoallergenic and anti-mite materials and the practicality of being able to remove the lining and wash it comfortably in the washing machine. Not bad, right?

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