Materasso migliore Baldiflex: Mojito in memory, prodotto dell'anno

When you think of your bed, the first thing that comes to mind is the quality of sleep that our mattress is able to give us. The truth, however, is that the bed is not only made by the mattress, but also by all the other components that together give life to the bed system, the only one responsible for our sleep and our rest.

If the bed system is not made up of valid products, sleep cannot be 100% good, so each piece must be chosen carefully, to obtain a quality result capable of giving true relaxation.

Of course, the mattress plays a basic role in terms of comfort and for this reason it is fundamental to make a thoughtful choice when you buy it for the first time and also when you replace it after years. Well yes, the mattress lasts for years (from approximately 7 to 10 years, depending on the mattress) and buying a product capable of meeting the needs of those who will use it is of primary importance.

Mattress: how to choose the best one?

The question that often arises when the time comes to purchase a mattress is precisely this: how do you choose the best mattress? Before starting with the evaluations of all the products that the market offers, it is a must to know that the perfect mattress for everyone does not exist. Or rather, there are many quality mattresses, perfect for meeting certain needs, but it should be underlined that not everyone has the same needs and therefore the same mattress is not suitable for everyone.

The objective therefore becomes that of searching for the best mattress for those who will have to use it daily, night after night, and for this reason it is good to find out about all the characteristics presented by the various models, test the different types of mattress and evaluate materials, padding, dimensions, heights, and much more.

Visit shops and e-commerce sites to collect as much information as possible to guide you towards the final choice. The advice is to try the mattress firsthand before proceeding with the purchase, since only in this way will it be clear whether it is the model that is right for you!

Choose the mattress. Baldiflex offers the product of the year 2021: the Mojito memory foam mattress

If on the one hand it is true that everyone must find their own mattress by seeking optimal comfort, on the other hand it is equally true that there are some items that are widely purchased and therefore the protagonists of different feedback.

Baldiflex, a company that takes care of rest by offering quality products dedicated to the world of relaxation, presents the Mojito memory foam mattress, the mattress chosen as product of the year 2021.

Baldiflex: characteristics of the Mojito memory foam mattress

The four special layers with which the Mojito mattress by Baldiflex is made offer freshness and comfort, for quality rest. It is a breathable product created with hypoallergenic and anti-mite raw materials, so as to be perfect even for allergy sufferers.

Here is how the four different layers that make up the mattress of the year 2021 are divided:

  • 1st layer. Memory foam layer: 5 cm of 55/60 density memory. The foam is ultra-breathable and anti-humidity to always maintain a feeling of pleasant freshness.
  • 2nd layer. Superflex HD layer: 4 cm of Superflex HD with density 40. Superflex guarantees elasticity to the mattress and gives high support to the whole body.
  • 3rd layer. Waterfoam Airlayer: 4 cm of 35 density open-cell polyurethane which provides high breathability at all times of the year.
  • 4th layer. Waterfoam layer: 12 cm of 30 density elastic polyurethane. This is the layer created to support the entire body without incurring unpleasant (as well as unhealthy) deformations of the mattress surface.

Last, but not least, the Mojito mattress is equipped with a cover with handles which has a zip so that it can be removed and washed comfortably in the washing machine at 30 degrees, so as not to have to make cleaning and hygiene of the bed too tiring. .

Even the mattress covering can be chosen according to your tastes and needs: Baldiflex offers coverings in Original 3D, Classic Aloe 3D and Classic Silver 3D. You're just spoiled for choice.

Mojito mattress by Baldiflex: opinions

Today, when you think about purchasing a product, it often happens that you check the reviews in advance, to understand how other users considered it.

Other people's feedback is always interesting, however when it comes to mattresses everyone finds their comfort in different characteristics, which may not make everyone agree.

The characteristics of the Mojito memory foam mattress make the Baldiflex mattress a product to be recommended: defined as "Exceptional" by users who have tested and used it, the Mojito mattress has convinced practically everyone. Seeing is believing!

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