Materasso sportivo: modelli di materassi per sportivi e per chi fa attività fisica

There are many secrets to enjoying a healthy and well-being life. If on the one hand there is sporting activity, nutrition and lifestyle in general, on the other there is also the quality of rest. Sleeping well is essential for everyone and for the physical and psychological well-being of each of us.

To sleep well there are various measures that are useful to follow and many concern the bed system.

The bed system, in fact, is essential to count on true relaxation, capable of making us truly rest and necessary to start each new day with energy and vitality. The fulcrum of the bed system is certainly the mattress, even if it is not enough on its own.

Which mattress to choose? What characteristics should you look for in a mattress?

Can one mattress be better than another for those who practice sports? Well yes, there is a mattress designed specifically for athletes.

The mattress is one of those products to be selected carefully and evaluating every aspect, since it will accompany us for a long time and as such it is good that it is an article capable of responding to our needs related to rest as much as possible. If on the one hand there are those who prefer a firmer mattress, on the other there are those who find comfort in a soft mattress. The secret is to try them and study their characteristics.

When you start looking for a new mattress, you quickly discover that it is possible to find the right mattress for every type of need. The first question to ask ourselves, in fact, is precisely linked to what type of surface we are looking for to rest best; if on the one hand there are those who sleep everywhere, whatever the pillow and whatever the mattress, on the other hand there are those who just don't sleep a wink if the bed doesn't have certain qualities. The secret is therefore to immediately understand what we are looking for and what we need.

Sports mattress. What it is and what are its qualities

Baldiflex, a company specializing in quality bed systems, has studied a particular type of mattress, designed specifically for all those who practice sports and need high-performance rest.

The mattress dedicated to those who practice physical activity is an article capable of resting the body and mind of those who use it, but it is also capable of acting on temperature, comfort and pressure. A valid mattress is therefore one that reduces pressure on the body to a minimum (mainly on the neck, back and shoulders) and that manages to give the athlete immediate recovery, to be able to train again the next day with all the energy he needs.

So the question arises spontaneously: how is a sports mattress made?

Sports mattress. What differentiates it from all other mattresses?

It is called the Hybrid Sport mattress and it is a memory foam micro pocket spring mattress made specifically for athletes, for those who carry out sporting activities and for those who are always on the move. The Hybrid Sport Fluttuo mattress by Baldiflex uses the highest technologies to guarantee perfect rest for athletes.

Sports mattress. What are its main features?

It is a product characterized by a combination of the best memory foams and micro pocket springs; Its composition and structure allow the pressure on the body to be reduced to a minimum in order to always provide maximum rest, which is essential for those who practice sports, but also for those who lead a less active lifestyle.

The Fluttuo Hybrid Sport mattress is created to allow athletes to recover quickly after physical effort. To complete the characteristics of the Baldiflex mattress there are Oeko-Tex certified hypoallergenic and anti-mite materials.

Baldiflex sports mattress: the characteristics of Hybrid Sport Fluttuo

What differentiates Fluttuo Hybrid Sport from all other types of mattresses are its particular characteristics, but also its special composition, divided as follows:

first super fresh memory layer with ultra-breathable foam that gives freshness, second layer made of 4 cm of micro pocket springs. Third layer composed of 4 cm of open cell water foam with density 35 (highly breathable). Fourth layer consisting of 12 cm of 30 density elastic water foam capable of guaranteeing great support to different areas. All this creates a finished mattress 25 cm high.

No less important is that it is anti-mite and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for all allergy sufferers, but not only. The anti-mite mattress allows you to rest healthy and maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, but don't forget to take care of it: the mattress requires a little maintenance and cleaning which must be carried out carefully to keep the characteristics of the mattress intact.

The Baldiflex sports mattress has a removable cover and is therefore practical when it comes to cleaning, as the cover is machine washable, comfortably from home.

All you have to do is try it to test all its qualities!

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