Cuscino in fibra naturale Baldiflex: caratteristiche, opinioni e vantaggi per la salute

Sleeping well is part of the primary needs of all of us. To be able to count on quality sleep, however, it is important to have a valid bed system capable of guaranteeing health and well-being during our rest.

When talking about the bed, many tend to leave out some fundamental aspects, but they are necessary so that we can actually talk about a complete bed system. In fact, we should always talk about the "bed system", the only concept that includes all the useful and necessary accessories for rest. Only when the entire bed system is effective can you aim for sleep and rest at the highest levels of comfort and more.

Bed system. Not just the mattress, the natural fiber pillow too

Certainly the mattress is one of the most important parts of the bed system, and for this reason it is essential that it is always chosen with commitment and attention to every aspect, evaluating, if possible, every feature present.

The bed system therefore includes the mattress, but also other accessories, such as bed bases, slats, but also cushions and details that make the difference.

It is not enough to be able to count on a quality mattress if the rest of the bed system is not of the same quality. Therefore, the choice of slats or bed bases must be made in relation to the mattress, so as to be able to count on maximum comfort. The same goes for cushions, too often considered mere accessories of a secondary nature.

Sleep well: the importance of the natural fiber pillow

The pillow is a necessary accessory, fundamental for a healthy rest. Among the most frequent questions we ask ourselves regarding sleep and relaxation, there is the one dedicated precisely to pillows: is it good to sleep with a pillow or is it better to sleep without?

The choice of pillow deserves adequate time, as well as the right attention. In case of need, the advice is always to turn to those who are more experienced and know the topic better. High pillow, low pillow, softer pillow, firmer pillow, etc., there are many possible qualities and characteristics that can be found in a pillow; it then depends on the individual person to understand which ones to prefer and which ones to discard.

Sleeping without a natural fiber pillow: is it good or is it better to use it?

While on the one hand there are many people convinced that sleeping without a pillow is good for your health, on the other there are those who believe the exact opposite.

According to the most authoritative opinions, sleeping without a pillow would only be recommended for those who sleep on their stomach, a position which is considered incorrect for the body. However, if it is your favorite position to rest, by sleeping on your stomach you can also give up the pillow without too much damage!

Sleeping without a pillow, however, is absolutely not recommended for those who adopt the position on their side or back, since without a pillow, the neck, shoulders and head would not maintain a natural posture, ending up creating various problems and aches that as the over time they risk getting worse.

Natural fiber cushion. The advantages of the Baldiflex proposal

When you decide to buy a new pillow, you discover that the market boasts a truly numerous range of items from which to select the most suitable one.

Pillows dedicated to sleep and rest differ in many aspects, including size, height, but also softness and type of padding. In recent times, natural fiber cushions have been making their way. Here are the pros of the Baldiflex natural fiber cushion.


  1. Breathable. One of the most important qualities of natural fibers concerns their being breathable. A breathable pillow is perfect for always giving a feeling of clean and freshness.
  2. Dry and fresh. Suitable in all seasons, the natural fiber pillow always remains dry and fresh, allowing for optimal rest.
  3. Resistant. Natural fibers boast, among their main characteristics, resistance. A resistant pillow is preferable, as it lives longer while keeping its basic qualities intact; but to do this it is important that it is treated, cleaned and sanitized in the correct way, as communicated by the manufacturer or seller.
  4. Soft. The natural fiber cushion by Baldiflex has a special softness, even if this is a characteristic that not everyone appreciates. However, the Baldiflex cushion is created with a pleasant softness in mind for everyone, in order to provide comfort and well-being.
  5. Lightweight. The natural fiber cushion is very light and therefore convenient to carry if necessary. Its lightness positively influences comfort and softness.
  6. Made in Italy quality. Last but not least is the aspect linked to Made in Italy, which has always been synonymous with high quality and attention to detail, considered a true plus.


Choosing a good pillow is not always as simple as it might seem, but there is a secret: inform yourself first about the various types of existing products and at the same time understand what you are looking for, only in this way will it be possible to find the product most in line with the our needs and desires.

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