Quando cambiare materasso e come capirlo: 4 campanelli d'allarme

Changing your home or furniture is always exciting, because you can indulge yourself with new purchases and you can customize everything you want. Once bought, some things are then forgotten, but this is not always a good thing. An example? The mattress.

When to change the mattress? What should you know before buying it?

The mattress, although it is often overlooked, is fundamental to our life.

Sleeping well is essential to be able to enjoy good psychological and physical well-being, and to enjoy quality rest it is necessary to be able to rely on a decent bed system. The bed system features the mattress in the foreground, an element to be chosen with care and attention.

Once the mattress has been selected, it will last several years and for this reason it is good to choose a quality product on which to rest well. Whether it is in memory foam, pocket springs or latex, the mattress deserves care, since only in this way will it continue to maintain its initial characteristics, those for which it was chosen and not another. The advice is to try to maintain correct hygiene and maintenance of the mattress, in order to give it a long life, but above all to maintain the initial quality.

When to change mattress and why

Mattresses last approximately 7 to 10 years, after which it is a good idea to start looking for a valid replacement. The lifespan of the mattress can fluctuate and the variables are very different; from use to maintenance, through hygiene and cleaning and more.

Many people ask: when is it time to change the mattress? How do we realize that the mattress we are sleeping on needs to be replaced? Many times it happens that we understand it too late, when the first problems have already emerged, but it is never too late to take action.

  1. Aches and pains. When the mattress starts to show the first signs of needing to be changed, the first pains appear along with them. Sometimes it happens that you wake up more tired and sore than when you went to sleep. How is it possible? There are simply three reasons attributable to the mattress: either the mattress that was purchased was not the product suited to our needs; either the mattress purchased is of poor quality, or the time has come to change it. If the mattress has always been a valid item and has never caused us problems until a certain moment, then the solution to our ailments could lie in changing the mattress, now worn out!
  2. It sinks. The passing of the years and daily use of the mattress mean that it can change its hold, starting to "give" that unpleasant sensation of sinking which is certainly not good for your health. This “sinking” of the mattress may mean that it has not been turned regularly or that the time has come to buy a new mattress.
  3. Too many years have passed since the purchase. Well yes, even mattresses have an expiry date. These are not eternal products, even if they can have a lifespan of ten years. The mattress is the surface on which we sleep night after night and must guarantee good quality sleep even after years. If too much time passes, the comfort of the mattress may be compromised. Despite good maintenance of the mattress, allergens, over the years, can take root firmly on the surface of the mattress, in some cases causing annoying allergies.
  4. It's uncomfortable. When we bought it it was very comfortable, but over the years has the mattress become uncomfortable? This is what needs to be changed. Comfort is fundamental for the mattress, because sleeping on a comfortable surface is essential for everyone, young and old. Resting well and comfortably is the basis of a healthy and energetic life, which is why having a valid surface on which to sleep is of primary importance.

Although there are several alarm bells that should make it clear when the time to proceed with replacing the mattress is approaching, many tend to postpone the issue.

A mattress that is no longer able to relieve pressure on the neck and back is a mattress that certainly does not allow you to rest well and comfortably and therefore needs to be changed.

Changing the mattress at the right time is essential, because it reduces the risk of running into unpleasant nuisances that can arise by resting on a mattress that is now poor.

Once the decision has been made to replace the old mattress, the advice is to personally test the different products on the market, so as to select the one best suited to your needs and purchasing power. Don't worry, you will surely find the most suitable mattress, from all points of view.

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