Posizione corretta per dormire in modo salutare

Sleeping is a fundamental moment in life, on the one hand because the body and mind need to recover the energy spent during the day, on the other because it is a physiological need that cannot be given up, even if you wanted to.

But going to bed and waking up truly rested is not so obvious. Many people, when they wake up, still feel tired and, as if that wasn't enough, also annoying and unpleasant pain in their neck, shoulders and back. These are problems that often require a long time to be resolved, but sometimes it is sufficient to follow the right precautions to see the first positive results after a short time.

There are more than one paths that can be taken to achieve improved sleep and consequent rest, but it all depends on your initial situation and the objectives you want to achieve. Certainly one of the first things to consider is the position you assume during sleep. Changing it could be complicated, because finding comfort again may take a little time, but in the end you will be rewarded and it will be worth it thanks to the newfound well-being.

What is the best position for healthy sleeping?

Sleeping correctly is essential in order to enjoy true relaxation and wake up full of energy, however it is not always easy. There are people who can fall asleep in any position and still wake up fit, but the truth is that some positions are more recommended than others, especially to deal with aches and pains.

According to the advice of experts, it would seem that the best position for healthy sleeping is the fetal position, or in any case on the side, but in this case particular attention must be paid in choosing the right pillow to keep the neck and back in line. If you choose the fetal position, it is better to opt for the left side, but sleeping on your back can also be a valid alternative: be careful, however, if you have a tendency to snore!

How to sleep to avoid back pain?

Many suffer from back pain and sleeping can often be more annoying than relaxing. But don't worry, because fighting back pain is possible. First of all, it is essential to exclude pathologies that need to be treated with the intervention of a doctor or specialist, after which, the first step to follow is linked to the bed system and the position assumed during falling asleep and therefore during the entire Night.

The bed and the quality of its components must become a real priority for everyone, but in particular for those who suffer from back pain: the first item to evaluate is the mattress, which must be selected based on the needs of those who will use it. Then follows the choice of pillow, equally delicate because there are many models and not all pillows are suitable for the various problems and different positions that one assumes during the night.

The perfect position for everyone and for all problems therefore does not exist, because every individual can experience comfort and well-being by lying on their side, but also on their back or even on their stomach. The secret is just to understand a priori how to behave so as not to make mistakes, both in terms of the position to be assumed when falling asleep, and in relation to the choice of mattress, base and pillow.

Neck pain: how to sleep

Together with back pain, one of the main pains that are complained about in a large percentage is cervical pain. This is a rather widespread problem and one that you can try to keep at bay through sleep and the right posture during the night.

For the cervical area, one of the most popular options is the orthocervical pillow, designed specifically to maintain the neck and head so as to have perfect alignment of the spine. Using this type of pillow it is mandatory to sleep on your side to obtain maximum benefits.

Correct sleeping position: the importance of the mattress

Assuming a correct position for your body and in line with any discomfort you experience is important, but it is even more important to be able to lie down on a valid surface specifically designed to guarantee a peaceful and quality sleep.

Baldiflex knows this well and has always offered a vast assortment of products (primarily mattresses, but also everything that makes up the bed system) from which to choose the one that best meets your needs. Therefore, the ideal would be to assume the correct position on a mattress suited to your needs.

The mattress therefore plays a key role in rest: choosing the wrong mattress can cost a lot in terms of comfort and health, which is why the choice must be made after a careful evaluation of the many characteristics that each mattress has.

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