Rete e materasso: come scegliere la rete e il materasso giusti

Taking care of your health is essential to being able to count on a peaceful and energetic life.

The pursuit of well-being is fundamental and the first step in this direction is being able to count on quality sleep. Resting well is essential for living to the fullest and even if everyone knows it, the responsibility of a valid bed system is not so obvious.

Many consider it obvious and others do not see the importance of it, however, the time dedicated to relaxation should be spent on a valid surface. Of course you can sleep practically anywhere, but true rest is not necessarily guaranteed. In fact, how many times do you wake up in the morning with localized discomfort on your neck, shoulders and back, feeling even more tired than the day before?

How to rest better?

First of all, it is necessary to underline that the quality of rest starts from the type - and quality - of the bed system on which you sleep: not all bed systems are the same and not all are able to provide the right support to the body and the correct comfort , characteristics necessary for a good rest.

It often happens that when you don't rest well you look for a single culprit, often identified as the mattress.

It's true, the mattress is a protagonist of the bed system, but it's certainly not the only one. When you no longer rest satisfactorily, there could be various factors: from the mattress to the pillow, through to bed bases, slats or even the position you assume during sleep. In short, even sleeping well requires a certain amount of effort!

Bed bases and mattress: the winning combination for quality rest

The moment dedicated to purchasing the mattress or the complete bed system must not be taken superficially, also because the mattress lasts several years and it would be really unpleasant to have to replace it prematurely due to a hasty choice, made without looking at one's own needs. rest. Well yes, because the first thing to understand when looking for a new mattress is linked to your needs and requirements.

Not all mattresses (and related bases) are suitable for everyone, which is why some advice could be to rely on someone expert who has made good sleep a life goal. One above all is the Baldiflex company, which has always dealt with bed systems, studying innovative technologies and offering products that can meet the different requests.

Choosing the perfect mattress is possible, but it is essential that it is also accompanied by the perfect base, the one that best matches the mattress purchased and the requests and needs of those who will use it.

Bed bases: Baldiflex proposals designed for everyone

You will find plenty of bed bases for a new bed: in fact, it will be enough to go around some manufacturer or distributor to be spoiled for choice, without forgetting that it is possible to visit the many e-commerce sites, since online sales are also strong in this sector.

As regards the proposals signed by Baldiflex, iron bed bases, orthopedic wooden bed bases, ergonomic wooden bed bases and motorized wooden bed bases stand out. All you have to do is try them firsthand to decide which is the most suitable.

All the slats of the Baldiflex bed bases are created with the idea of ​​providing support to the body that can last over time. A good bed system is in fact one that allows you to relieve pressure on the body, carefully supporting the areas of the neck, shoulders and the entire spine. Everything is done by looking at the smallest details, those that are often able to make the difference between a quality product and other products.

Bed bases and mattress. Which base to choose for the mattress?

The question therefore arises spontaneously: which base to combine with the chosen mattress? Here are expert recommendations for the three best-selling mattress types.

  1. Memory mattress. For the memory foam mattress, which is very popular in recent times, experts recommend a base with narrow slats, which are a few centimeters wide. The reason is linked to the support, since a net of this type would provide the right support to the body, managing to uniformly support the weight of the subject in the moment of relaxation.
  2. Latex mattress. For those who prefer a latex mattress, the most suitable bed bases seem to be those with thin slats which have the correct spacing between the slats themselves. The ideal is that they are bed bases with wooden slats, or orthopedic bed bases, again with wooden slats, capable of supporting the body in a balanced way, giving a perfect feeling of comfort.
  3. Pocket spring mattress. The pocket spring mattress should be able to count on a surface made up of closely spaced slats, so as to provide support and stability to whoever uses it. The base to match the pocket spring mattress must appear uniform, like the bases with wide slats, but pay attention to the correct spacing between the slats.

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