Mal di schiena: come scegliere il materasso per evitare i dolori

Resting well is essential to staying healthy, day after day. Unfortunately, it is not always possible and the factors that are able to influence the quality of sleep are many and very different from each other: from one's physical condition to the worries that may arise in daily life, passing through the external environment and the bed system: in short, everything it affects sleep.

It is not always possible to act on the various problems that hinder good sleep, but something can certainly be done, especially regarding the bed system. Buying the right mattress is essential, but even more important is having every part of the bed system in harmony, opting for items capable of best meeting our needs.

Back pain: the importance of the mattress

How many times does it happen that you wake up in the morning with back pain despite just having had a good night's sleep? This is a rather frequent situation and there are mattresses that have been specifically designed to minimize discomfort in the spine.

To combat unpleasant back pain it is necessary to sleep on a mattress that is capable of giving the right support to the whole body, with a particular focus on the lumbar area, the one generally most affected. To prevent the onset of back pain, the mattress must provide the correct support to those who will use it, trying to relieve pressure on the head, neck, shoulders, back and even legs, in order to improve total well-being.

Each person identifies comfort in different characteristics, which is why it is useful to understand what you need before starting to look for a new mattress. Once you have identified the qualities sought in the mattress, you can move on to the next step.

Back pain: tips to avoid and treat it

First of all, it is a good idea to consult a doctor to understand what the causes of back pain could be, undertaking specific treatments if they are prescribed by your doctor. However, it may happen that the causes of back pain can be attributed to mistakes made during the night's rest. Here's what to pay attention to to try to contain and reduce back discomfort.

  1. External environment. Preparing the bedroom with the right temperature, the right silence and the right light is essential to begin to relax, leading the body to abandon itself to sleep in a short time, avoiding turning over and over in bed to hours, unnecessarily affecting the back and the rest of the body.
  2. Posture assumed when falling asleep. Another important aspect is linked to the position one assumes during sleep. Everyone has their own preferences for feeling comfortable and letting themselves be cradled in Morpheus' arms, but the truth is that not all positions help fight back pain. According to the opinion of the most experts, it would seem that lying on your side is the best way to keep the spine aligned, reducing pressure on muscles and joints, as well as on the skeleton, thus bringing true rest and quality sleep.
  3. Quality and correctness of the mattress. To counteract the onset of back pain and to try to reduce existing pain, it is important to count on a quality ally: the mattress. The mattress is the most important player in the entire bed system and for this reason it deserves to be selected with particular care and attention. The advice is to purchase a mattress that is of quality and that is suitable for your needs and any problems.

Back pain: Baldiflex's proposals to avoid pain

There are many companies and retailers that deal with sleeping well. Among the many companies that make and sell mattresses there is Baldiflex, a company that focuses on the quality and Made in Italy of mattresses.

Whether you want to opt for a memory foam, latex, gel or pocket spring mattress, the important thing is to test it firsthand before proceeding with the purchase, so as to evaluate its comfort and every useful feature.

Below are some models by Baldiflex that will be a real cure-all for your back.

  • 25 cm high Mojito memory mattress. Made with the innovative Superflex HD foam, the Mojito mattress by Baldiflex is capable of providing freshness and valid support to the entire body throughout the night, thus managing to combat annoying back pain.
  • Natura Eco latex and coconut fiber mattress 25 cm high. Designed primarily for all those who love to feel pampered by their mattress, the latex and coconut fiber mattress offers ideal breathability and firm support, perfect for combating back pain.
  • 25 cm high Hybrid Sport Fluttuo memory and micro pocket spring mattress. Made thanks to a particular technology designed specifically for those who carry out sporting activities, the Hybrid Sport Fluttuo mattress allows you to obtain the best sleeping performance. Furthermore, its qualities reduce the compression applied to the body to a minimum, managing to intervene on the discomfort associated with back pain.

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