Ritiro del vecchio materasso usato: servizi e vantaggi di Baldiflex

Throughout life, practically everyone has to deal with a move or the purchase of furniture and furnishing accessories.

When you have to think about the design of your home or room, you have to look at everything, and when it's time to renovate or replace some accessories, you also need to think about how to dispose of what you want to get rid of.

How does it work with the mattress? Does everyone retire the old one? Baldiflex yes.

Furnishing your home is always an exciting moment, but at the same time tiring and full of expectations, and sometimes, unfortunately, also of disappointments. It is often the furniture that creates the greatest stress, between various sizes and details, but a lot of attention should also be given to the bed system. The importance of the mattress is great and choosing a quality one is fundamental.

It is sometimes forgotten, but the mattress is a piece of furniture to be selected carefully, since quality sleep is capable of influencing everyday life, giving well-being and energy, but a disturbed, uncomfortable or non-relaxing sleep can do the same, causing discomfort, neck and back pain, and also leaving a bit of a bad mood and stress that accumulates night after night.

Once you have selected the mattress, this object will accompany you for many years, in fact, just think that a mattress has an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years; Once this period has passed, the time will soon come to proceed with replacing the old mattress in favor of a new one. Often what causes the moment of changing the mattress to be postponed is the impossibility or difficulty of disposing of the old one, since not all mattress retailers also take care of the collection of used ones.

Therefore, to enjoy a quality bed, being able to count on a valid player in the field of mattresses and bed systems is really important.

Baldiflex positions itself as a leading company in the sleep sector and, in addition to offering sleeping items that include the entire bed system, it guarantees the customer the possibility of taking care of the collection of the old mattress, which is no small feat!

Change the mattress. Baldiflex delivers the new and collects the old

When you start to experience the first problems related to a mattress that is too old and therefore no longer of excellent quality, many people consider the idea of ​​replacing it, but several months (if not years) often pass before actually proceeding with the purchase. !). Buying a mattress requires commitment and several moments in which to test the products, to understand their actual properties and characteristics.

The truth is that finding the mattress best suited to the needs of those who will sleep on it is not always easy, let alone immediate; several days may pass before finding the right model, since the mattress must be purchased after considering all its features. Starting from comfort, through material, size and price, there are many aspects to consider when deciding to replace your mattress, or when buying it for the first time.

Once you have chosen the new mattress, the question that arises most frequently is linked to the collection of the old mattress, because not everyone has the means to be able to personally take the mattress to the places dedicated to disposal.

To meet this type of need, some of the mattress manufacturing and distributing companies have decided to provide a dedicated service. Baldiflex allows its customers to take advantage of this service, thanks to which they can get rid of the old mattress forever.

Baldiflex, collection of used mattress. How does the service work?

First of all, it is worth underlining that once the new mattress has been chosen and purchased from Baldiflex, the company will arrange for it to be delivered to the chosen address, delivering it inside a box, but not vacuum-packed.

Baldiflex is attentive to its products and its customers and for this reason the delivery must also take place without risking damaging the item.

The box containing the new Baldiflex mattress will therefore be the size of the mattress itself and will also be the box inside which to insert the old mattress which Baldiflex will collect via courier. After shipping the new mattress, the Baldiflex company sends a text message (within 48 hours) reporting the day and time when the courier will come to collect the old mattress.

At that point it will be sufficient to have the mattress well packaged inside the box found on the street, so that the courier can load and dispose of it without causing inconvenience or waste of time to all its customers.

Baldiflex: how much does it cost to collect used items?

Not everyone needs to dispose of an old mattress, for this reason the service offered by Baldiflex is an optional service that can be requested at will. Next to the delivery service it is therefore possible to add the collection of used goods to dispose of the old mattress.

The cost of delivery and collection of used items will be borne by the customer, who will have to add €30 to their spending in order to take advantage of the used item collection option.

Once the delivery and collection service of the used mattress has been requested, the customer will only have to close the old mattress well inside the box in which he received the new one and have the courier find it on the street on the day and time pre-established. Once this is done, you will immediately be able to enjoy some relaxation, exclusively on a Baldiflex mattress.

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