Come distinguere un vero materasso ortopedico da uno falso

How to distinguish a real orthopedic mattress from a fake one

Good rest is the way to good health, happiness and good mood. An orthopedic mattress with therapeutic effect allows you to relieve fatigue, relax, sleep, feel a surge of energy in the morning.

With your health and well-being in mind, mattress manufacturers offer a wide range of orthopedic spring and springless mattresses for healthy sleep and comfortable rest.

But only real orthopedic mattresses can give you these sensations. Unfortunately, there are many fake orthopedic mattresses on the market today that have no therapeutic benefit.

How to distinguish an orthopedic mattress from a fake one: here are our tips

The proven effectiveness of orthopedic mattresses has served as an excuse to fill the market with fake products with zero effectiveness, which in fact also prove to be short-lived. As a result, money is spent and the problem of back pain and other muscle discomfort remains.

How not to make a mistake when purchasing an orthopedic mattress?

By giving preference to brands with an excellent reputation, as well as purchasing a mattress from a major official manufacturer such as Baldiflex, this way the buyer does not risk spending time and money on a fake orthopedic mattress that will not give you the promised benefits.

The original products are made with care, the mattresses are equipped with sewn-on company labels.

A good orthopedic mattress is more rigid and resistant, but does not cause discomfort. Thanks to the special design, uniform distribution of the sleeper's weight load on the mattress is guaranteed, and at the same time effective anatomical support is provided for the entire body.

How to choose a good orthopedic mattress

Buying an orthopedic mattress that fits your needs perfectly is not an easy task. Today the mattress is not just a soft layer between the bed and the body, but an indispensable product for a comfortable and healthy sleep.

Orthopedic mattresses are produced according to the recommendations of orthopedic specialists and have quality certificates. Such products provide the most comfortable body position for relaxation, have a therapeutic effect on the back and neck.

What are orthopedic mattresses filled with?

poliurethane is often used in firm and medium-firm mattresses. This polymer resists heavy loads and quickly recovers its shape due to its elastic properties.

The latex mattresses provide elastic support but can guarantee more rigidity if combined with particular sheets, such as those in coconut fibre, which when placed in the center of a latex mattress not only increases its rigidity but also increases its ventilation.

spring mattresses, a popular option among orthopedic mattresses, offer extra support and better ventilation than any other type of mattresses. The presence of steel springs leaves a lot of free space inside the mattress which promotes air circulation, reducing the accumulation of humidity. When choosing an orthopedic spring mattress, it is important to consider the number and type of springs used, as well as other cushioning materials that contribute to overall comfort. Choosing a reputable manufacturer can help you avoid fake orthopedic mattresses that don't offer the desired benefits.

What are orthopedic mattresses covered with?

The covering is not strictly discriminating when choosing an orthopedic mattress, an orthopedic mattress can be covered in the most disparate fabrics, choosing a good covering is however very important when choosing any mattress. 

The most sought-after coverings are certainly those that manage to combine the hygienic and structural qualities of technical fabrics with specific treatments for certain advantages, such as the Aloe Vera fabric which increases the restful and regenerating power of the mattress, or natural fabrics: wool for the most sensitive to the cold and cotton for those who prefer freshness and breathability.

To conclude

There are many good reasons for wanting to buy an orthopedic mattress and many good solutions that can be adapted to every need.

The important thing is to always carefully choose who to turn to, an established brand and, even better, a direct manufacturer, will have the experience to be able to advise you in the best way and all the interest in providing you with the best product for your rest. 


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