come riscaldare il letto senza riscaldamento

How to heat the bed without turning on the radiator?

Italy is going through a severe cold wave and this is just the beginning, temperatures will continue to drop in the next few days between January and February. While the energy crisis pushes us to save, how can we find heat in our bed, without going through the radiator? Our advice.

When winter arrives, the hot water bottle proves to be an essential accessory for staying warm, even in bed.

Just before going to bed, place the hot water bottle between the sheets. The heat is then instantly spread across the entire mattress.

You can choose a traditional hot water bottle to pour hot water into or an electric hot water bottle that connects to the mains to be heated. Some models can provide up to three hours of heat.

Choose the right duvet

To find some warmth on a winter evening, it is essential to choose the right duvet.

  • First point, it must be larger than the mattress. You can wrap yourself up more easily and not see your little feet sticking out.
  • Second point: pay attention to the down index, generally shown on the label. The indices range from 1 to 6. 1 corresponds to the lightest down, 6 to the warmest. It is therefore better to turn to duvets with an index of 4 to 6. However, be careful not to choose a duvet that is too warm if you sweat during the night.
  • Third and final point: observe the grammage of the duvet, i.e. its weight. The higher it is, the thicker the quilt. Duvets weighing 250 g/m2 to 500 g/m2 are considered winter duvets.


Choose the right fabrics for the sheets

Linen is an ideal material for warming up in bed without using the radiator. This material has the advantage of being insulating and thermoregulating. Provides a feeling of freshness in summer and a feeling of warmth in winter.

Virtues also present in silk. Known for its softness, this fabric retains heat even during the night.

If the room is really very beautiful, you can opt for flannel. It is recognizable by its soft and slightly felted appearance. A characteristic that makes this material a privileged ally for increasing body temperature.

Sleep at height

Raising the bed is a trick you don't necessarily think about when it comes to finding some warmth.

The cold air stagnates on the ground, while the heat rises. It is therefore better to sleep on a box spring and a raised mattress rather than on a futon bed closer to the ground.


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