Come godersi il comfort di una camera d'albergo a casa?

How to enjoy the comfort of a hotel room at home?

Comfortable mattresses, silky sheets and a relaxing atmosphere, how to experience a hotel room at home?

Do you want to sleep in a bed worthy of a 5-star hotel without spending too much?

Do you like going to a hotel to recharge your batteries in a beautiful and comfortable room? Borrow from the most beautiful luxury structures, their advice to make you live a daydream. We give you the reflexes to organize a luxury bed without having a big budget.

Do you spend your best nights in hotel rooms thanks to the comfort offered by their mattresses? Choose between:

  • Memory foam mattresses. Make sure you get a good night's sleep thanks to the foam that hugs your curves perfectly. Its elasticity means that it does not bend under your weight, but returns to its original shape with every movement. The independence of the bed makes it the ideal mattress for sleeping for two. By choosing the right density and thickness of the mattress based on your body size, you will feel as comfortable as in a hotel.
  • The natural latex mattress. It is appreciated for its comfort and its hygienic side. In fact, it is one of the breathable mattresses, which means that it provides good ventilation and is suitable for sleepers sensitive to sweat. It is also a sustainable investment, knowing that the latex mattress is very resistant.

Like the characteristics of the mattress, its size is another point to consider. Consider a larger mattress to enjoy a room worthy of the best hotels.

A good pillow to accompany the mattress

Like the mattress, hotel pillows are always comfortable, so getting through a restless night is nearly impossible.

Keep in mind that the soft and firm side of pillows comes from their filling. It can be a natural material such as down or feathers or a synthetic polyester-based material. Natural fillings have the advantage of being softer, which creates a snug sensation. However, they are not recommended in case of allergies.

For their part, synthetic materials are more flexible. They are also used to make memory foam pillows. The principle is therefore the same as the technology used for mattresses. In other words, the padding follows your movements to avoid pressure points and offer you the best support. Memory foam pillows are also hypoallergenic.

As you may have noticed, hotels offer more pillows on the bed. For your bedroom, consider a combination of 4 identically shaped pillows. Rectangular pillows are the most common, knowing that they are always comfortable, whatever position you sleep in.

The quality of the bedding

The comfort and softness of bed linen in hotels comes from its quality, both in the choice of material and in the weaving.

To dress up your bed, opt for a set consisting of a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillowcases and duvet cover.

Natural fibers like cotton are prized for their many benefits. Indeed, cotton bedding is healthy, soft and comfortable, not to mention its durability. As for the quality of the fabric, choose a tight weave.

Satin sheets are also popular for their luxurious look. Also, make sure you have the right dimensions for a harmonious result.


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