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What yoga postures to sleep well?

Yoga promotes physical, mental and emotional safety: all aspects to keep under control in order to fall asleep. The practice of some yoga positions, such as the candle position or the cobra position, allows you to release tension. It is also possible to do yoga at night, in bed.

Nitra yoga, in particular, also called sleep yoga, is close to meditation: it is done by lying under a blanket, closing your eyes and concentrating, in particular, on your breathing. These various postures, practiced just before bed, will probably help you fall back to sleep!

Body practice like yoga: real benefits on sleep

The practice of physical activity promotes slow waves and allows a deep immersion in sleep. And among these particularly beneficial activities for sleeping is yoga. In fact, to have access to deep sleep, some people need to feel good, to be physically, mentally and emotionally safe before bed, and yoga allows this safety.

The benevolent bond that we establish with corporeity is a factor of lasting balance: in Asia this dimension has always been fundamental, and age-old techniques, of which yoga is an example, have made bodily benefits one of the basis of existence.

Today, yoga is also practiced in Western countries, and a yoga session before bed can help you fall asleep. In fact, when you slow down the pace and maintain a posture, it is possible to feel the parts of the body that are tense and resist the stress of the day: it then becomes possible to release the tension simply by breathing the posture. Stretching, especially if practiced before bed, also has a calming power.

There are, in particular, at least 3 or 4 postures recommended for their benefits on sleep. It is recommended to practice a sequence of each posture, held for one to five minutes.

Finally, three tips for doing yoga before sleeping:

  1. don't abuse your body and listen to it
  2. stay in your comfort zone
  3. Don't do anything that causes pain

The candle pose before going to sleep

Candle light, also known as "Sarvangasana", helps calm the mind when going to sleep.

Since it is an upside down exercise, it generates relaxation and well-being, because the current of emotions is then reversed. The candle is therefore ideal for circulating energies. Helps transform negative waves into positive energy.

You must then lie down, keep your back and head glued to the ground, and raise both your legs and hips. The arms and hands can be used to maintain balance, with the aim of achieving the most upright position possible. At the same time, breathing plays a fundamental role: it will take long, deep inhalations, and then exhale very slowly, first through the chest and then through the stomach.

The action of Sarvangasana has many benefits, in particular because it is an inverted posture: it would act mainly on the thyroid system, and therefore on the whole body. The heart is at rest, being less called upon to feed the brain, and can carry blood from the legs to the lungs; this relieves the cardiovascular system.

On a bodily level, the candle posture is therefore excellent for blood or lymphatic circulation, improves oxygenation of the body and blood, promotes intestinal transit, stimulates the thyroid, works the abdominals and the deep muscles of the back. This posture also benefits the mind, strengthening self-confidence and letting go, therefore reducing stress and promoting creativity and sensitivity.

The cobra position before going to sleep

The cobra posture is also called "Bhujangâsana". This is, for the record, the seventh position of the Sun Salutation. It helps to let go and therefore find a certain balance on an emotional level. This body position perfectly represents the posture of the cobra: one of the rare snakes to stand up in the face of danger.

The benefits of the cobra posture are numerous, among which we find, in addition to the benefits on sleep:

  • strengthen abdominal muscles;
  • a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys, intestines and lungs;
  • spinal alignment;
  • strengthen joints from hands to shoulders;
  • strengthen the lungs by facilitating deeper breathing;
  • the fluidization of blood circulation as well as energy;
  • Strengthen your mind and self-confidence.

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