Come pulire a fondo un materasso e ogni quanto pulirlo

How to thoroughly clean a mattress and how often to clean it

As time passes, our mattress becomes less hygienic: dead skin cells, dust mites, dirt, body fluids, pet hair and bacteria can accumulate there. So many good reasons to give it a good cleaning.

Unless it is stained, there is no need to wash it with soap and water. All that is needed is a good vacuum with an upholstery nozzle to remove the dirt that has settled on our mattress.

How often should you wash your mattress thoroughly?

We should do this every three to four months, when we flip or rotate our mattress. But if it has streaks, stains or is smelly, you may need to clean it with liquid dishwashing detergent, mixing 10 drops of soap in 1 liter of very hot water.

How to clean the mattress: here are the steps

Add 125 ml (1/4 cup) USP 10 volume hydrogen peroxide (which contains 3% H2O2) and mix well. Then we dip a cloth in the liquid, wring it out and rub the entire surface of the mattress well.

We rinse our glove often in soapy water, making sure to get through all the nooks and crannies.

Then rub the mattress with terry towels to absorb as much water as possible and let it air dry.

To ensure it dries before going to bed, we wash in the morning, leave the window open and turn on a fan towards our mattress.

If the mattress has bad odors, but is not stained, we sprinkle its surface with a mixture of baking soda and talc in equal parts.

Cleaning a yellowed pillow or mattress: the power of white vinegar

We cannot repeat it enough, white vinegar is an ally of choice for general home maintenance. Non-toxic, it has a very effective disinfectant and stain-removing action.

To do this, pour 500 ml of vinegar into a basin and add a little dishwashing liquid, mixed with 200 ml of warm water. Then, use a sponge that will be immersed in the preparation to rub the mattress or pillow to be cleaned. Then rinse with clean water with a towel and leave to dry all day.

Lemon juice: a precious ally for recovering a yellowed mattress or pillow

In the list of ingredients it couldn't be more natural to eliminate the yellow traces, insert the lemon, more specifically the citric acid contained in this citrus fruit.

Equipped with powerful stain-removing properties, this simple and eco-friendly remedy will be of great help. To make the preparation, mix the juice of 3 lemons in a cup of warm water.

Use a cloth soaked in this solution to rub the stains vigorously, then a dry cloth to remove the moisture.

Then let the mattress air dry. To dry the mattress and pillow more quickly, you can also use a hairdryer.

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